Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Belgium.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Belgium.

Medical tourism in Belgium

Medical tourism in Belgium

Medical tourism in Romania:

  The development of health tourism and fundraising of  medical tourism, the quality of the management, new ways to improve the quality of medical services, but especially the patient management by using integrated products, are things that  Romania begins to develop.

  If we relate to costs, Romania offers  60% – 70% lower prices compared to the medical treatment or surgery in the European countries and it is estimated that Romania should focus specifically on dental services, plastic surgery and obesity surgery.

  The two strengths of Romania are highly trained doctors and the tourism itself .Those advantages can be successfully combined in a concept that is often called medical tourism.

Medical tourism in Belgium:

  Medical tourism in Belgium with its location in the heart of the E.U. and with medical procedures that cost up to 50% cheaper than in other countries is an excellent  destination. A foreign  traveler seeks treatments in Belgium due to their lower price than in the home country and due to the quality of medical service.

   Medical treatment in Belgium is very convenient especially for citizens from U.K who are looking for relatively minor cosmetic surgery procedures. Although there are only a few hospitals in Brussels,  these hospitals  offer extremely high quality standards. Beside this, Belgium’s doctors are subject to the same rigors as in the U.S. or UK. Cosmetic Surgery and treatments for obesity are extremely popular in Belgium. Also, hip and knee replacement have been performed with minimally invasive scopes. Another reason why foreign patients  prefer Belgium is the neurosurgery practiced  in this country,  because it has a solid reputation.  Foreign patients who  come in Belgium also seek heart surgery, fertility treatment, caesarean surgery, dental treatments, kidney transplant.

   Most of these patients who seek medical care and travel in Belgium to obtain it are from Netherlands, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg.  Some medical tourists from U.K. and Netherlands choose to go in Belgium because there is no waiting list.

   Medical expenses are reimbursed if you will be able to present the European Health Insurance Card to the medical practitioner or to the hospital in Belgium that is treating you.  The European Health Insurance Card can be obtained from your health insurance in your country.  For patients who come from a country which is outside the EU  and who not have any agreement with Belgium regarding health insurance, they will not be covered by the compulsory health insurance in Belgium.

    All these advantages make  medical tourism in Belgium to be sought and appreciated.

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