Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Brazil.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Brazil.

Medical tourism in Brazil

Medical tourism in Brazil

Medical tourism in Romania:

   Romania is a country with a great medical  tourism potential, whose beauty, values and traditions attract each year many travelers around the world as Romania is starting to impose everywhere  for the quality, professionalism and  the medical training of its doctors. Today, increasingly more medical travelers consider the Romanian medical clinics, especially in the dental field, because they possess  an endowment at the highest level and exceptional medical staff. The equipment of the dental clinics in Romania has high standards especially for the simple fact that in this country  the clinics began equipping its offices with modern equipment in recent years, thus acquiring the most current medical technology.  And when the offer combines intelligently the medical care ,  technology  and the tourism packages the full Romanian success in medical tourism field becomes more and more evident.

   Currently medical tourism in Romania has a major advantage over the other countries in the region, compared to other European Community countries, because it can provide medical services  with some of the latest  technology  at costs much lower than those in the European Community. This creates a competitive advantage, which is basically an important resource of the country.

Medical tourism in Brazil:

 High quality medical treatment  and at the same tourism  at low cost. These are the reasons why Brazil is consistently ranked among the top five countries for medical tourism, and the industry is growing rapidly. About 50,000 travelers come here every year from around the world for the quality of medical procedures and health care at affordable prices, as well as to take advantage of a wide range of benefits that hospitals in Brazil have to offer.

  Reasons for medical tourism in Brazil : even  in the past, medical tourism has been largely associated with traveling in underdeveloped countries for medical procedures not available at home, these days, the industry has moved, and many clients of medical tourism are wealthy  people from United States and Europe in search of surgeries that are cheaper abroad. Elective procedures such as cosmetic surgeries and weight loss are among the most popular. A face lift that might cost $ 12 000 $ in the UK costs and about $ 1,800 dollars in Brazil.  Medical tourism in Brazil attracts both categories of customers: residents in neighboring Latin countries( the least developed)  traveling to Brazil for treatment against cancer and heart disease, while tourists from around the world take advantage of the success and fame of the Brazilian cosmetic  and plastic surgery. The country has 40 health care providers that are accredited by the Joint Commission International  which grants them the gold standard for comprehensive care.

  When you choose medical tourism in Brazil you have to know that this country has the largest number of plastic surgeons authorized per capita in the world and here are performed all types of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures .  It is also a valuable choice for dental care and  spa & wellness treatments.

Medical tourism in Brazil continues to grow. Whatever the reason for the search of procedures in another country, patients can enjoy  excellent rates ( prices) , quality of care and services, convalescence and relaxation in a beautiful setting.

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