Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Bulgaria.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Bulgaria.

Medical tourism  in Bulgaria

Medical tourism in Bulgaria

Medical tourism in Romania:

  If you want to choose medical tourism and to go abroad,  especially in Eastern Europe, for cosmetic surgery or dental care, you have to know that in Romania this is now a widespread practice. The undisputed quality of medical service and low prices compared to Western Europe and United States or Canada fully justify the choice to go in this country not only for dental treatment or cosmetic surgery but also for medical spa treatments and more.

The highly qualified medical personnel ensures safety and tranquility, its decades of experience materializes measures of success such in dental surgery, implantology , cosmetic dentistry, hygiene and prophylaxis.

There are many reasons to choose one of our Romanian clinics: a great comfort for the patient and cutting-edge technological equipment, operating rooms for dental surgery and implantology designed by following the regulations and standards  of the European and U.S. systems , with perfect sterilization.

Medical tourism in Bulgaria:

   Bulgaria is among the countries that combine low prices for medical services and at the same time it has an experienced medical staff and numerous travel attractions. For this reason, Bulgaria has the potential to become a medical tourism destination for those seeking health tourism.

   A growing number of Europeans (and non-Europeans people) come to receive  a medical treatment in Bulgaria,  and this treatment has no long waiting list as often happens in their home country, or to benefit from a specific treatment that is available only in a different medical tourism destination .

   Bulgaria offers great geographical and climatic conditions and an unique combination of sea, mountains and mineral waters,  those things making Bulgaria to be an agreeable place for a medical trip all the year.

   Bulgaria has also a long tradition in balneology and spa tourism and a relatively low cost of medical services.

  At the same time, Bulgaria has a developed network of dental clinics and cosmetic surgery & plastic surgery centers.

  Bulgaria, like Romania  is abundant in natural resources and hydrothermal mineral water, curative mud, beautiful nature and wonderful landscapes.

   Bulgaria is only at a few hours away  from the following cities: Vienna: 1.25 h, Paris: 2,35 H, London: 3 hours, Frankfurt: 3.15 h, Brussels: 2,35h, Warsaw: 2,15 h Bucharest: 0.30, Moscow: 3.30 h, Odessa: 2h Beirut: 3h, Tel Aviv: 3h, Cairo: 3h, Istanbul: 1h Athens 1,15h.

   Location of Bulgaria provides fast access for medical tourism to people from South – Eastern Europe, European Union, Russia, the Middle East and North Africa.

Meanwhile, Bulgaria ranks 2nd in Europe for the number of dentists per 100,000 of the population. About 7,000 dentists work here in modern dental clinics. Other medical treatments successfully done in Bulgaria are : ophthalmic surgery, plastic surgery, dermatology and cosmetology, spine surgery, orthopedic surgery,  bone and joint  treatments, assisted reproduction, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.  Also, Bulgaria provides state of art equipment for laboratory tests and medical examinations.

In Bulgaria, medicine and tourism are seen as a desirable sectors for development and the labour cost is among the lowest in Europe. Because of this, Bulgaria is seen as a medical tourism destination with competitive prices of medical services.

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