Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Canada.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Canada.

Medical tourism in Canada

Medical tourism in Canada

Medical tourism in Romania:

   Medical tourism in Romania is dominated mainly by the tourism dental, aesthetics and spa. Not only the price but also the short time of the implementation of the  treatment  or medical procedure determines  the foreign medical travelers and also Romanians  who work abroad to come to solve their dental problems in Romania. So , the  summer is a full dental tourism season for the dentists who have already made in their clinics such a clientele.

   The Romanian aesthetic surgery is also appreciated outside. Foreigners often come in the private clinics in Romania for facelift, breast augmentation or nose reshaping.

   Furthermore, a strong point of health tourism in Romania is the balneological  and spa treatment, including thalassotherapy, thermotherapy, mud treatments, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy and hot tub.

  All these , make medical tourism in Romania to be internationally known  and appreciated to  its real value.

Medical tourism in Canada:

   Canada is an attractive medical tourism destination for the treatment of certain rare diseases ,  cancer treatment,  cosmetic surgery , dentistry, cardiology, orthopedic surgery and pediatrics,  reason why  many Americans and Europeans are turning to the medical tourism  in this country for a cheaper treatment  and often for its superior quality.

   Because there has been an explosion of demand in the medical tourism area, that is globalizing at full speed, the number of patients who go abroad for treatment has doubled in the last five years, and medical tourism concern now up to sixteen million patients. And it is no longer only dental or cosmetic surgery, it also deals with the most serious diseases, including heart disease and even cancer. Some countries have already a reputation in this still nascent niche such as Thailand, Poland, Turkey, that rely on ultra-competitive rates but others, like the United States, Canada and Israel, they bet on the quality of their services.

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