Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Cayman Islands.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Cayman Islands.

Medical tourism in Cayman Islands

Medical tourism in Cayman Islands

Medical tourism in Romania:

   Romania is among the most attractive countries in Europe for the people who are looking for medical tourism , mainly related to dentistry and aesthetics of the body. According to the Westerners preferences for medical tourism, the top four countries together with Romania are the Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary.

    Nowadays, it is in vogue this new type of tourism: aesthetic , dental, spa. Health has become a business like any other, and in times of globalization is turning into a global deal. In principle, the path is always the same: developing countries attract the clientele that comes from the more developed ones, tired of endless waiting lists (for IVF or transplants), intolerant of rules and restrictions (artificial insemination), or simply looking for prices more lenient (cosmetic surgery and dentistry). In the area of dental surgery, a leading place in  the countries of Eastern Europe, is occupied especially by Romania,  Poland and Hungary. Austrian, German, French , Danish and Italian patients  will  be in the next years more numerous, attracted by prices at the limit of credibility thanks to which a crown costs almost as a filling done in the medical traveler’s  country. The ratio of prices is indeed very advantageous, which makes medical tourism in these countries to flourish.

Medical tourism in Cayman Islands:

   Cayman Islands is a destination for ‘medical tourism’ or ‘health tourism’,  ideal for a brand-new trend of travelers who choose specific destinations to undergo medical treatment and to change the scenery during the treatment, possibly choosing a challenging country from the point of view of tourism.  Among the health tourism destinations, Cayman Islands become not only a country  for medical care and recovery from illnesses of varying severity, but also a country for training and recovery of physical fitness with excellent hotels and travel attractions , which develops this way its horizons and its potential for medical  tourism.

   Recently, the Cayman Islands become a logical destination for Americans seeking dramatically less expensive medical treatment because it provides an attractive and viable alternative to medical tourism. The government is stable and the population is English-speaking. And it ‘just a short flight from the US. Medical tourism is expected to grow in this county as more Americans are looking for alternatives to high-cost insurance and complex procedure. While visitors have always fly in Grand Cayman for the sun, sea and sand, they will now also be able to enjoy a new medical tourism hospital on the island. The opening of the Health City Cayman Islands made a whole industry, namely health tourism,  to grow in this part of the world. Reducing costs requires both standardization of procedures and the specialization of doctors and medical personnel, while maintaining the highest levels of quality and care, and these are offered today in Cayman Islands.  Popular medical procedures successfully done here are cardiac and total joint surgery.

   Medical tourism is one of the fastest growing segments in the healthcare industry. Patients dare to travel more often outside their own countries,  for medical and surgical care, mainly due to the affordability and often for a higher level of care, and Cayman Islands provides now a chance for healing and tourism opportunities in the same place.  Globally, health care will stimulate the economic growth as the number of people who have access to affordable high-quality increase. At the same time, more specialized care technology generates employment opportunities. This will also be the case in the Cayman Islands.

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