Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Costa Rica.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Costa Rica.

Medical tourism in Costa Rica

Medical tourism in Costa Rica

Medical tourism in Romania:

 Romania’s medical tourism strengths are plastic surgery, dentistry, ophthalmology, orthopedics, cardiology and in vitro fertilization. For such treatments, the Western travelers pay in their countries and five times more. The service quality and the competitive prices attract these medical tourists each year. To benefit from existing treatments in health clinics, specialized physicians and beneficial health places where you can have a cure, you need a package that fully facilitates fast access to such services.  Low prices, cheap labor payment and quality of care offered by private clinics in Romania have determined  each year tens of thousands of foreigners to opt for medical tourism in Romania. In most cases, Europeans can reimburse up to 60% of the medical bill in Romania  when returning to their country of origin.   Medical tourists  choose medical services in Eastern Europe  countries , including in Romania ,  for the lower prices compared with countries of origin and because the national insurance does not cover some services, such as plastic surgery.

 Romania qualifies in all respects for the development of health tourism because it has a high level of knowledge and techniques in the medical field and it is strategically located.

Medical tourism in Costa Rica:

Regarding medical tourism, Costa Rica is one of  the greatest destinations in this sector through its medical tourism and infrastructure so that the tourist receives best service with affordable prices and has the best experience. Costa Rica offers services such as hotels, hospitals, clinics, recovery centers and touristic operators with the highest quality standards. The figures estimated that in  latest years 40,000 people came to Costa Rica in search of these services. The first requested services are dental care , plastic surgery, bariatric, gynecology , preventive medicine  and orthopedic surgery .

 The natural wealth of Costa Rica provides a variety of resources for the development of the supply of the well-being that includes aromatic therapies and natural remedies approved for their positive effects on health and life. In Costa Rica, there is a very special range of wellness services, the country having  several active volcanoes, plants of tropical rainforest and a variety of fruits. In recent years, excellent spas were constructed. They take advantage of the sources of natural thermal waters, sulphurous waters of ponds, volcanic mud with  the great mineral content of the volcanic rocks, plant extracts and refreshing fruit. The culmination of a day of travel and adventure in the middle of nature can be a relaxing massage with aromatic oils in the region or hot volcanic stones, or even a bath in the thermal waters or an aromatic therapy. In some places, it offers yoga classes in the middle of the forest or on the beach and  the virgin nature is the perfect setting for this.

 When you think about Costa Rica, and see its  photos of sandy beaches and tropical forests  all these beautiful places come to mind with the desire to travel in this country . There is no doubt that this place is a paradise for tourists who spend their holidays , but there is also  another form of tourism that made quite a buzz here and it is medical tourism. The place is a dream destination for anyone looking for quality  dental, plastic surgery  and spa  offers and packages at reduced costs. There are a plethora of state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics in Costa Rica offering excellent facilities with specialist doctors who ensure that  the complex and specialized surgery becomes successful.

 Medical  travelers who are looking for services in Costa Rica are most  of them tourists from the United States and Canada, who spend an average of $ 7,000 during their stay. To attract tourists , Costa Rica focuses on very competitive rates (prices)  for its services, offering visitors a saving of up to 70%!

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