Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Croatia.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Croatia.

Medical tourism in Croatia

Medical tourism in Croatia

Medical tourism in Romania:

 Romania being a  relatively new medical tourism destination  ,  foreign patients come to Romania   mainly for dental tourism, health investigations ,  eye treatment, plastic surgery and aesthetics. As long as they continue to pay about 70% less than the prices in the countries of origin they will continue to come. But, talking of medical tourism: on the one hand Romania has extraordinary  ophthalmologists,  dentists  and renowned plastic surgeons, and on the other hand it needs better infrastructure and more attractive touristic services.

Medical tourism in Croatia:

 Medical tourism in Croatia is a destination for medical  travelers highly competitive in terms of providing affordable medical treatments carried out in conditions of maximum security. Croatia is sought by both patients from Europe and North America or South America. Croatia is a country in the world renowned for superlative care in terms of medical treatment and rehabilitation & wellness services, dental care, cosmetic  or plastic surgery and eye surgery.

 Croatia has  State-of -Art medical facilities, equipment & expertise and a good reputation in terms of  services quality.  Also, the prices offered by Croatia for medical services are extremely affordable compared to the costs of health care in Western Europe or North America.

In Croatia you will find natural beauty, an interesting historical and cultural  heritage, delicious local cuisine and friendly people.  When you choose medical tourism in Croatia it is good to know that the most important treatments that can be performed  here  can include: dental treatment, orthopedic treatments, sports medicine treatment, gynecological treatments, rehabilitation, spa & wellness treatments, general surgery.

 The wellness tourism  or health tourism is relatively a new product in Croatia, fully adapted to the needs of people looking for various preventive health programs and services in the form of stress relief and relaxation. The wellness tourism has been developed in existing centers of health tourism, with the programs of rehabilitation and health maintenance, in the mountain centers together with recreational programs, and in the hotel centers along the coast  of Croatia as a complement to the recreational programs, active rest or prevention of health.  According to data available, the analysis of 73 wellness centers in Croatia has revealed that 92% of wellness centers were incorporated in hotel facilities, 22% of them have 5 stars category, 60% of them have four stars category, 19% of them operates in inland tourism destinations, while the rest of 81% are located along the Adriatic coast.  Croatia has a long history of using natural resources for health tourism, mainly this refers to the traditional use of thermal water, mineral water, sea water or mud in special facilities  for medical rehabilitation , as well as in the spa resorts and thalassotherapy facilities for health,  prevention programs, sports and recreational activities.

 Medical tourism in Croatia belongs to the group of countries with moderate prices for  medical and travel related services. For instance, the nose reshaping treatment in the UK or Germany is 100% more expensive than in Croatia.

 Among main strengths of Croatia is the medical tourism product: there is a long tradition in the health service provided by the medical staff with high reputation, preserved natural resources for health care and an image of a warm welcoming country for medical tourism.


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