Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Cuba.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Cuba.

Medical tourism in Cuba

Medical tourism in Cuba

Medical tourism in Romania:

   Romania stands on the international health tourism market, even if for now timidly, on the medical services such as dentistry, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, cardiac interventions, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedic prosthesis, having recognized specialists. Also, a medical traveler can have in Romania the spa treatments and the recovery because this country has the necessary resources. Spa tourism can represent for Romania one of the most important niches that can be highly developed,  domestically and internationally.  Because Romania has so much to offer in the health and medical tourism areas , an important number of medical travelers already  have traveled to this country to receive treatment  .

Medical tourism in Cuba:

   The medical tourism industry in Cuba could be widely advantageous for the travelers from the United States if the bilateral relationships of these countries will maintain the pace of improvement.

   Cuba is a country that is developing, with a system of attention to health services , with excellent medical care that is combined with relatively low costs.

  Cuba developed its medical tourism , especially because US consumers see the geographical proximity near the United States as an advantage, if you compare it with other destinations that are farther and they require to take a much longer flight.

   In the case of medical tourism,  Cuba  ensures a system with excellent health care facilities,  providing quality medical treatments for discerning customers who are looking for a physical and mental recovery.

    The excellent programs and unique medical techniques attract visitors, who stay in the medical facilities,  in which they receive treatment against eye diseases, or treatment against skin diseases.  Furthermore, the drug users, including those that have been declared as “no remedy” can have the hope to find in Cuba a cure for their problems. Medical tourism is a modality very widespread in the world and also in the Caribbean region, reason why many U.S. tourists have sought treatment for their health in other places , including in Cuba .

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