Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Czech Republic.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Czech Republic.

Medical tourism  in Czech Republic

Medical tourism in Czech Republic

Medical tourism in Romania:

More than tens of thousands foreign patients have visited Romania to take advantage of medical services in 2013 and even the industry experts said that in 2014 their number was doubled, however, Romania needs an effective promotional strategy to increase its popularity in the field of medical tourism. Patients travel to Romania essentially to require plastic surgery and dentistry, respectively 42% and 32%. The medical tourism flow covering the dental tourism sector is soaring, especially for the prices offered by the Romanians dentists which are lower by more than 60%. Many health organizations in Romanian believe that is important to create a strong international promotion of this type of services. In addition, it is fundamental to increase the sources of information and the insurance services for foreign patients who come to Romanian clinics or hospitals for their quality.


Medical tourism in Czech Republic:

   Standards of medical care in the Czech Republic are generally high, there are good medical facilities now available in most cities, especially in the capital Prague. Because of cheap medical treatment, Czech Republic has become a popular destination of medical tourism in Europe.

   Private medical system in the Czech Republic has a growing number of medical facilities,  many doctors have specialization in Western Europe and also they speak  fluent in English. Some hospitals even have a section for medical tourists from abroad, where English speaking staff offers medical services.

   A growing number of foreigners seek medical services for health care in the Czech Republic, especially for plastic surgery, dental treatments, surgical treatments for obesity, assisted reproduction treatments.

  Most foreign patients come from the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Russia, and  they choose the Czech Republic because they pay 50% less for a medical treatment while the quality of medical care is comparable to that of the country of origin .

  The number of foreign patients who received medical treatment in the clinics in the Czech Republic has doubled in recent years because the medical travelers appreciate the high level of medical services with standards comparable to those of Western countries and the prices are 2-5 times smaller.

   The most popular plastic surgery procedure is breast augmentation with implants and this  surgery is often chosen by patients from Germany, followed by liposuction, tummy tuck, facelift, blepharoplasty.   German  patients often choose Czech Republic for plastic surgery but also for assisted reproduction.

   Furthermore, foreign couples who need assisted reproduction  choose a medical travel here because this country offers a more flexible legislation than other countries. In Europe, the Czech Republic along with Spain are the most popular medical tourism destinations for infertile couples.

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