Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Dominican Republic.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Dominican Republic.

Medical tourism in Dominican Republic

Medical tourism in Dominican Republic

Medical tourism in Romania:

  Regarding medical tourism,  about 8,200 foreigners were treated in the hospitals and private clinics in Romania during 2014 and a medical traveler spends, on average, between 1,500 and 2,000 Euros for a medical intervention in Romania. One such tourist stays in Romania at least 14 days in a year, because without treatment itself will be back and for consultations. The average cost on accommodation and food also reach to 1,500 euros per person. Romanian private sector of medicine have flourished and developed so much in the recent years that can easily compete now with any other private system in Europe, having quality services, trained personnel , professional services and affordable prices. The services on demand include dental care, cosmetic surgery, ophthalmic surgery, orthopedics  and more .  Attracting patients from abroad is done through  plans and programs that contain full service packages for medical travelers.

Medical tourism in Dominican Republic:

   We want to note that in the recent years there is a medical tourism growth  in Dominican Republic and the travelers  living abroad, mainly those living in the United States but also those from the neighboring islands and from Europe come here especially for dental care and cosmetic / plastic surgery,  because health services are today provided with new technologies and they are offered with attractive prices.

   Renowned for its beautiful beaches, luxury hotel rooms, the warmth of the people , the pleasant climate and its travel attractions ,  Dominican Republic attracts millions of tourists each year and some of them   are interested in health tourism . The most sought by foreigners, in Dominican Republic, is the dental service, especially in the area of dental implants.  Other requested procedures include cardiology, fertilization treatments, weight loss surgery, among others. However,  medical tourism in Dominican Republic focuses on five areas: dental, welfare, bariatric surgery, plastic surgery and orthopedics.

   Dominican Republic has numerous advantages that left it in a good place to venture into medical tourism . In this country there are many health professionals educated and trained in Europe and in the United States with international guarantees and certifications.  Besides the quality of healthcare, the price is a very attractive factor for medical travelers.  For example  a valvuloplasty procedure that can cost in the US $ 140,000 in  Dominican Republic costs 20 to $ 25,000, which represents a very significant difference and  an important cost saving.  Furthermore, some health procedures  allow patients to enjoy the beauties of the country. For example, when a person travels  for a dental procedure he /she can combine the medical treatment with comfortable holidays , so they can take advantage and make a tour to see the country.

  Also, with all the changes of health insurance in the United States and with the implementation of Obama Care,  more and more companies  will start to seek medical tourism options with  lower costs and medical tourism in Dominican Republic can be a valuable choice for them.

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