Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in El Salvador.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in El Salvador.

Medical tourism in El Salvador

Medical tourism in El Salvador

Medical tourism in Romania:

   Why a dental prosthesis , a dental implant or a specialist visit offered by the dentists in Romania are much cheaper when compared to the prices normally charged by dentists in the Western Europe, United States  or Canada? ? Saving  60% or more with dental tourism is possible thanks to a long series of factors:

   –  The  labor costs are  lower: The average salary of the medical and paramedical staff (dentists,  dental technicians, their assistants) in the East is much lower than in Europe or U.S . In Romania, monthly salaries range from a minimum of 400 euro to a maximum of  800 Euros.

    – Lower taxes and the labor costs are more competitive: a low wage corresponds in fact also to a preferential taxation.  The dentists in Romania  are taxed with a small percentage when compared to the cost of labor in other countries. Same goes and for what concerns ordinary bills: electricity, water, gas, garbage, and all the other taxes imposed on citizens and businesses are much lower than in Western Europe.

    – Lower cost of living: it is obviously that to the lower taxes and labor costs,  also correspond a cost of living more affordable.

   All these make medical tourism in Romania to be financially advantageous for medical tourists from certain countries.

Medical tourism in El Salvador:

   Medical tourists can save in El Salvador up to four times the cost of medical services than they could spend in their country of origin. The travelers who visit the country are mostly Americans  and  Latino-Americans and they came for dental care. But, nowadays , they also seek specialized surgeries, cancer treatments and heart ailments, which are gaining an internationally importance. The aesthetic and  plastic surgery are also having a major boost.
Overall , the country has an average of 30 medical centers, including clinics and hospitals that have international certifications that have been achieved over the past years, which offers health programs and anti-aging regenerative cell therapy. Dental centers provide services like cosmetic dentistry,  prosthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, and they even offer dental stem cell preservation.

   As an emerging medical tourism destination, El Salvador seeks to show the excellence of medical services offered , which by its quality, innovation and technology stand at the level of Latin America and compete at the same level with other destinations in North America and Europe.

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