Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Estonia.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Estonia.

Medical tourism in Estonia

Medical tourism in Estonia

Medical tourism in Romania:

    For many people the “medical tourism” is connected to the theme of “saving and cost-effectiveness”. In addition to this primary condition, there is also the quality of medical treatment and the “rapid intervention-operation”, and in Romania you too can take advantage of them. The average length of a  stay of medical tourists who are traveling abroad for this form of tourism  is amounted to 10 nights .  With all the transport and travel costs still are saved important amounts of money. The medical tourism  is the industry that it will strengthen more and more  in Romania , especially for dental tourism.       Many people choose with an  increasingly bigger frequency to combine a holiday with dental care, or with a surgical treatment, a facial plastic surgery or to undergo other treatments,  all these while trying to save the cost, and Romania gives them this valuable opportunity.

Medical tourism in Estonia:

    In the recent years, medical tourism in  Estonia has advanced with the  development of a well-developed private health sector with a good network of private clinics and hospitals. Estonia has  a private medical infrastructure  highly competitive and has affordable prices compared to Western Europe. This has made from  ​​Estonia a favorite destination in terms of medical treatment for patients from Sweden, Finland or Norway, Russia, UK, Latvia.

    Estonia has high quality medical care  standards and an accuracy with which it provides medical care. Medical treatments in Estonia can be 40% and sometimes even 70% cheaper than the prices in the UK.

     Before, during or after a medical treatment , medical tourists can experience the natural beauty of Estonia, which has 50% forests and national parks to visit. Also  Estonia has lovely coastal beaches and towns , famous  deserts,   and beautiful restored castles. Its leading tourist attractions are the islands on  the Baltic sea which are in number over 1,500 in total.

    Medical facilities in Estonia offer a variety of medical treatments, the most popular being : dental treatments, plastic surgery, aesthetics treatments, wellness and spa treatments.

     Furthermore, Estonia  is a perfect destination for recovery after a medical treatment . This country  is recognized as a destination for wellness and spa treatments especially with different muds who have therapeutic qualities offered in its spa regions.

     Another important thing to know is that visitors from many countries, including the U.K., U.S.A, Canada, Australia do not require visa to enter Estonia.

      The low cost of living and  the high standards of healthcare available in Estonia,  make  from Estonia  one of the most valuable medical tourism destinations. Estonia is preferred for a short – term treatment, aesthetic procedures and surgeries such as weight loss, plastic surgery, laser eye surgeries and dental works. Estonia also has wellness institutions to offer rest and relaxation for medical tourists during their recuperation.

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