Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in France.

Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in France.

Medical tourism in Romania, medical tourism in France

Medical tourism in Romania, medical tourism in France

Medical tourism in Romania:

Romania has become since the 90s an attractive market for dental tourism. More and more dental tourists spend a week or two in Romania just to put their teeth, thus managing to save a few thousand euros. Here costs are 4-5 times lower than in Italy for example. Since through dental tourism we understand to apply dental treatment in combination with visiting various landmarks between treatment sessions, foreign patients are pleased that solve their dental problems in a relaxing environment and lower costs. Romania has dentists and  dental technicians well trained and best practitioners, offices equipped with new equipment,  collaborating with laboratories that have the same equipment and materials as in developed countries, and the prices are much lower for quality treatments.   Dental tourists represent 15% of all patients at the  clinic annually , being both foreign and Romanians living abroad. Most come from countries such as Italy, Spain, UK, Israel and the USA. Dental tourists started to  know and  to appreciate quality of  dental care in Romania, which is as high as that of countries in Western Europe or the US. Romania has over-specialized dentists with comprehensive experience in all branches of dentistry ,   80% of  medical tourists seeking complex dental treatment , taking advantage of summer vacation time to solve as many dental problems in a short time. The whole process thus becomes more efficient. The first place among the most requested dental  treatments are dental implants followed by works of Zirconium (fitting dental crowns).

Plastic surgery and medical spa treatments or relaxation treatments in Romania  are also in great demand among foreign medical tourists. Romania has medical spas offering treatments comparable to those in France, but  at much more affordable prices.

Medical tourism in France:

Being a super specialized medical and tourism destination, in France medical travelers with find out high class  treatment in various medical fields , tailored to suit patient needs. France provides  exceptional healthcare in its quality facilities, has highly trained doctors , an experience in medical tourism around 20 years and being a country that offers fantastic opportunities for travel and vacation ,  health tourists around the world come here for different procedures or surgeries such as: surgical implants , orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, medical imaging, which are provided in this country with excellent services. For example a MRI in U.S cost around 1.080 $ while in France is only 300 $.  France is a wonderful country that offers medical tourists with a vast diversity of medical and healing options , reason why an increasing number of health travelers sought  medical tourism in France.  Furthermore, France has many health resorts, around 100 active spas,  that provides thalassotherapy helping patients in cases of pains in joints , fatigue, overweight , circulatory conditions  or mineral water resorts good for ENT diseases , kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract.  In France, medical tourists’ numbers rising   year on year , being attracted by this exquisite medical tourism country  with its  outstanding medical  and travel opportunities.

Informative  medical and travel prices in Romania compared with France ( in Euro). Please take note that these price are informative only , they may vary depending on the quality of materials, location , clinic / doctor reputation, etc.

Medical tourism prices in France

Medical tourism prices in France


Contact us today for medical tourism options, offers and packages in Romania or in France and we’ll inform you about available medical tourism services in these countries that fit your needs and your budget.

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