Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Germany.

Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Germany.

Medical tourism in Romnia; medical tourism in Germany

Medical tourism in Romnia; medical tourism in Germany

Medical tourism in Romania:

Medical tourism is developing in Romania. The country  begins to develop its private network of hospitals offering medical treatment and surgery at exceptional quality levels.  Heart surgery, eye surgery, orthopedic surgery are done in this country by highly trained specialists and the cost for these surgeries is the lowest in Europe. Even if medical tourism in Romania is mainly known for dental tourism , plastic surgery and spa treatment , it is time  for medical travelers to find out  that Romania has exceptional doctors in many  medicine fields and private hospitals started to have high standards, being equipped with  best medical technology.  In the coming years Romania will certainly become a medical tourism paradise due to its medical specialists , advanced technology and fair prices. The number of tourists who seek medical services in Romania has increased last year by 15% , Romania  starting to be better known in the world of medical tourism. The quality of service offered  in Romania and the price paid for it are the main reasons why  medical travelers come here to care for their  health , for  their teeth or to make their plastic surgery procedure. In recent years, Romania has become a favorite medical travel destination for many health tourists , who have resolved with success their  health issues . The spa therapies that can treat many health problems, are becoming increasingly popular  among medical travelers, Romania  having an impressive number of spa and thermal resorts.

Medical tourism in Germany:

Germany medical care system is ranked fourth in the world, offering reputable hospitals and trained doctors to medical travelers. Having the highest medical standards, availability of medical treatment and an average cost , it is a medical tourism destination attractive for health tourists, whether they are in search  of medical treatment, surgery or wellness treatments.

Medical tourism in Germany is sought especially by health travelers who are coming from Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, UAE, Saudia Arabia, France, Austria, Netherlands , UK, USA. They come in Germany for neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, oncology, fertility treatment, orthopedic surgery, ophthalmology, neurology , rehabilitation. Being a trusted medical tourism destination with its efficient surgery and treatment offered in high class hospitals , equipped with the latest edge technology,  health travelers are going to get high-quality care from well-trained professionals.

Health and wellness tourism is growing in Germany, being an appreciated health travel destination in Europe. For recovery, there are rehabilitation centers that provide care after treatment with excellent quality and competitive prices.

Informative  medical and travel prices in Romania compared with Germany ( in Euro). Please take note that these price are informative only , they may vary depending on the quality of materials, location , clinic / doctor reputation, etc.

Medical tourism prices in Germany

Medical tourism prices in Germany

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