Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Greece.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Greece.

Medical tourism in Greece

Medical tourism in Greece

Medical tourism in Romania:

  Globally, medical tourism is a whole industry and Romania is already part of it.  The promotion of the  health tourism potential in Romania in terms of the latest trends and in accordance with the current national and European market are things that this country must consistently do and with more intensity to attract a large number of patients.

  Now , patients from Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria,  U.K   and even  from  Canada  or United States come from thousands of kilometers away to treat their teeth in the  dental offices in Romania. Depending on the intervention,  the price of dental work done here is sometimes ten times lower than abroad, so it deserves for the patients seeking medical tourism to decide to make their  treatment in Romania.

Medical tourism in Greece:

  Medical travelers are attracted by medical tourism services in Greece because there is no waiting list and because here there are many medical facilities  offering maintenance treatments for various chronic diseases such as diabetes or kidney diseases.

  Popular medical treatments in Greece are: in vitro fertilization, dental treatments, plastic surgery, bariatric surgery, general surgery, ophthalmology, eye surgery, orthopaedic  surgery and medical spa wellness treatments.

  The Greek hospitals , clinics and doctors offer high quality health care at a fraction of the medical treatment cost in Western countries. With internationally trained and renowned  medical staff, foreign patients can benefit of quality medical services in reputed medical institutions. While receiving medical treatment in Greece , patients may benefit of relaxing breaks in renowned resorts or enjoy a medical spa treatment while they recover.

  Greece has a good network of private hospitals with exceptional health care standards and the communication is not a problem  because many of doctors speak very well English ,  many of Greek surgeons being trained in the U.S or the U.K.

  Before, during or after a medical treatment , you can recuperate on a sandy beach , because Greece boasts about  169 inhabited islands , or you can enjoy spa treatments on thermal springs resorts in the country , having this way  a pleasant medical tourism experience.

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