Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Hungary.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Hungary.

Medical tourism in Hungary

Medical tourism in Hungary

Medical tourism in Romania:

 Medical tourism in Romania offers its customers counseling and provides personalized services to the problems, the income and own preferences; provides customers with access to a medical facility reputable outside the country of origin ;  provide customers a treatment plan applied by a medical team / doctor reputed  in treating some kinds of diseases; provides affordable prices and facilitates with rapid access to certain medical procedures; normal waiting times for certain medical services, it mix the utility provided by medicine  with the pleasure of a destination for tourism; provides customers with access to the latest equipment; ensures guests top accommodation conditions. If you are looking for treatment / surgery especially for dental , plastic surgery and spa then medical tourism in Romania is for you.

Medical tourism in Hungary :

 It is well known that medical tourism in Hungary offers cheap medical treatments performed by highly trained doctors who speak fluent English. Hungary also has extensive experience in the international medical tourism market.

 Since Hungary joined the European Union, medical tourism has become more variated and more international. The cost of treatments and patient service is much lower than in many  Western countries and you can save up to 40 – 70 % on what you would have to pay in the UK , the USA or Scandinavian countries.

 The most popular treatments and procedures among international patients are: dentistry, plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, cardiac rehabilitation, fertility treatments , dermatology, anti-aging treatments , obesity treatments , addiction programs, eye surgery.

 Medical travelers can combine these medical treatments with a holiday to discover old history and the beauty of the country while they are recovering from surgery in one of the many rejuvenating thermal spas.

 Medical patients traveling to Hungary for dental treatment will be treated according to the latest medical knowledge and technology. Many dental clinics practice minimally invasive techniques and also apply complementary medicine such as homeopathy  or electromagnetic treatments upon request. From tooth whitening to maxillofacial surgery , all your dental fees  will be 40 – 70 % lower than in your home country. The dentists in Hungary have a long experience in dental implantology with high quality cosmetic and prosthetic services. They also have English, Norwegian, Danish, German speaking staff.  In conclusion, if you are looking for a cheap but good dental tourism destination in Europe, then Hungary is for you.

 Also cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery  operations are in high demand in Hungary.  Starting with facial lifting, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, breast reduction or liposuction till other plastic surgery procedures, your aesthetic transformation will be performed in  modern clinics and hospitals by surgeons internationally  trained and also who speak very well English .

 The prices, even including accommodation and transfers , can still be up 50% cheaper than in the UK, Ireland or the US.

 Because plastic surgery treatments do not renew the surface of the skin, this task falls to the aesthetic dermatology. Treatments such as dermal filling to smooth away wrinkles are conducted using materials that comply with the highest industry standards. In Hungary you will discover good clinics for dermatology treatments.

 Also a ivf fertility treatment  is lower and if you take a look  at fertility treatment  prices in Budapest, you will find out that you can save a lot of money. It is also good to know that in Hungary up to four embryos can be transferred and this thing  can also increase the chances of pregnancy. In addition, there is no age limit given by the Hungarian law, even single women can have fertility treatments and there is no waiting list for ivf.

 In Hungary, the orthopaedic surgery and rehabilitation are available at reasonable prices and without waiting lists. Furthermore , the thermal water is used not only for treating various illnesses, but also is used as a key factor in rehabilitation. All these make medical tourism in Hungary to be appreciated and sought by medical travelers who come here from various countries.

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