Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Ireland.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Ireland.

Medical tourism in Romania:

   Medical tourism represents an opportunity for patients to travel to get care at lower costs and to save waiting times and in Romania they can find advantages such as : qualified doctors, modern clinics, no waiting times  and advantageous prices.

The combination of health and tourism is becoming more promising and it grows in Romania each year. The reason: this country  has competitive advantages in comparison with other countries that offer this service.

It is well known that in the 80 actresses and famous people went to Romania to make  use of “Gerovital” to fight aging and to benefit of this elixir of youth. Nowadays, Romania was abundantly outclassed by Poland  because until a few years ago the doctors of this country went to England or other Western nations to specialize and to make a fortune. Now it is the reverse . The British citizens , Germans, Italians but also tourists  from other countries came here  to enjoy the attractions of Romania and to slip into the holiday with a visit to dentist or to plastic surgeon: dental implants , porcelain crowns, breast augmentation  cost 60% – 70% less than they would pay in their own country.

Medical tourism in Ireland:

   Medical tourism in Ireland –  belonging to the European Union, this country offers the chance for the  residents of the other EU countries can be treated for free in the emergency department of public hospitals.The condition is to have with you the European Health Insurance Card . For a temporary stay in Ireland, think about getting a European Health Insurance Card,  by  simply calling your Social Security center who will send you in a fortnight. This card works with all member countries of the European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. The foreign patients who choose medical travel in Ireland generally seek cosmetic surgery and dental treatment but also many clinics and hospitals in Ireland provides cardiology, pathology, pulmonary, and physiotherapy especially in Dublin and Waterford.

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