Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Japan.

Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Japan.

Medical tourism Romania, Japan

Medical tourism Romania, Japan

Medical tourism in Romania:

Medical tourism in Romania is dominated by dental tourism and spa tourism. Medical tourism market in Romania is dynamic especially in dental sector and has increased by over 30% per year. Basically, of the approximately two million annual tourists who visit Romania, about 2% -3% come to health services. This phenomenon of medical tourism in Romania is becoming more known. Countries from  where most patients come to take advantage of  medical treatment  in Romania are Italy, France, Spain, England, but Romania has also medical travelers who come from  Canada, U.S.,  and even Israel. We treat in Romania mainly adults,  and medical interventions most sought by health tourists are dental implantology, dental treatments reconstruction, prosthetic and aesthetic dental work. The  most requested interventions in dentistry are dental implants, ceramic crowns on zirconium support, bleaching and canal fillings. The value for money is clearly in favor of dental tourism in  Romania, in the context this country offers the same dental treatment and the same quality as in Western countries, dental patients being able to save  up to 60% -70%.

Furthermore, Romania has one third of Europe’s spa resources, quality and competitiveness in terms of price, foreign medical tourists being attracted lot of natural factors and therapeutic valences of mineral waters which are found in Romanian spas.

Romania, being an European country, medical tourists can settle many of the medical treatments performed here to health insurance agencies in their home country.

Medical tourism in Japan:

Medical tourism in Japan is considered a driver to achieve an extended longevity , being a model in this field. Medical tourists who choose Japan for treatment and travel generally come from China, Russia, Vietnam, Philippines, Middle East , especially for checkups, cancer and leukemia treatment , fertility treatment, endoscopic examinations.  It is good to know that Japan excels in many skilled cancer specialists and it is a country advanced in regenerative medicine. Also, Japan is known for the highest survival rate for colorectal cancer treatment. Even cancer treatments are not covered by health insurance, the related examinations , inpatient care and some medication are. Japanese medical providers offer cutting edge technologies and performance treatment methodologies. Having the best hospitals in the world, as they are considered by the World Health Organization, medical tourism in Japan it is not a cheap one , it is a medical tourism destination for medical tourists who are looking for the highest level of medical care abroad.

Health and wellness tours in Japan have increased considerably in the last years, because many people  around the world prefer  this country  for traditional Japanese massages and therapies, healing spring waters  considered beneficial in treating different conditions. The spa hotels and resorts in Japan offer medical , health spa, beauty treatments at affordable prices, Japan  being a spa destination ideal for relaxing holidays or weekends. The most popular places for medical tours in Japan are Kyoto, Hokkaido, the Hakone spa resort.

Informative  medical and travel prices in Romania compared with Japan. Please take note that these price are informative only , they may vary depending on the quality of materials, location , clinic / doctor reputation, etc.


Medical tourism in Japan

Medical tourism in Japan

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