Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Latvia.

Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Latvia.

Medical tourism in Latvia

Medical tourism in Latvia

Medical tourism in Romania:

  The most popular in terms of medical tourism is dental tourism , with  dental offices in Romania practicing low prices compared  with Western countries or U.S and Canada.  A foreigner pays 50% – 70% less on a package of medical and travel services to Romania, compared to the prices in the country of residence.

  The increasing demand for health services is a global phenomenon due to the factors such as the increasing costs of health care, aging, long waiting lists for surgery and globalization in general . These things have led to the increasing of the flow of patients who wanted  treatment abroad, a phenomenon known as medical tourism, and Romania is now one of the countries in which medical travelers can find solutions to their health problems.

Medical tourism in Latvia:

  Medical tourism in Latvia is in a constant development, many specialists in this country have a professional experience gained in professional exchanges programs in other European Countries and USA.  Latvia is an inexpensive destination with attractive medical tourism services. Dental treatments are in high demand here  as well as other medical treatments that can be performed with success in this country. Riga, in particular, offers over 150 medical facilities in which trained  doctors operate in medical centers. Communication in a foreign language is not a problem because most of the medical staff is  English speaking and in some cases German, Italian and French.

  Popular procedures  for medical tourism in Latvia are plastic surgery and dentistry.

  The majority of clinics in Latvia are equipped with modern equipment and the prices in Latvia certainly compete with those in neighboring Estonia, Finland and Germany.

  Being part of EU, with all medical services at high standards, the potential  of medical tourism  in Latvia is very high. The medical procedures cost up to 50% less than in the patient’s home country, depending on the type of procedure performed and the medical services are coordinated with good transport and accommodation arrangements.  Also people come in Latvia for beauty and spa treatments because in the recent years spa salons and hotels have been rapidly developing. They have attentive and skilled personnel, the usage of natural products for treatments , modern equipment and affordable treatments . These are the main reasons that make Latvia an attractive medical, dental and spa tourism destination.

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