Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Lithuania.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Lithuania.

Medical tourism in Lithuania

Medical tourism in Lithuania

Medical tourism in Romania:

    Medical tourism in Romania ,  especially the dental tourism, is often sought by medical travelers. Medical tourism is a concept where people travel abroad in search of discounted care, having the benefit of the latest technological developments and procedures. For dental tourism, more than tens of thousands  patients travel each year for holidays combined with dental treatment. Dental care tourism is particularly attractive  for the patients who come from the United States, Great Britain and Canada and not only, because of the long waiting lists for major dental treatment in their home countries, but also because prices that are practiced in this region of the world are affordable . The possibility to benefit from medical treatment and at the same time to enjoy different touristic routes in Romania represents an attractive opportunity for many patients who can  have now the possibility to combine the useful with the pleasure of the summer holidays.

    The private clinics, thanks to investments and the efforts of their owners , offer the same health services with similar clinics in developed countries, the staff being trained specialists at European level and the equipment is in most dental clinics  at the highest technological standards. But this country also have the advantage of being seen as an interesting tourism destination. Furthermore, the opening of borders in recent years makes it an attractive  country for European medical travelers . Its specific culture  attracts with the originality of folk art and architecture,  having at the same time a special gastronomy,  and all of these together gives the chance for an exceptional holiday .

Medical tourism in Lithuania :

   Medical tourism in Lithuania includes 154 public hospitals , 1,681 private healthcare institutions , 82,61hospitals  beds, 40,69 / 10k doctors , 73,49 nurses/ 10k , 8 health resorts, 1,682 rehabilitation beds.  Medical travelers from Nordic Europe are looking  here  the eye surgery, dental treatment and plastic surgery. Many patients from Western Europe are looking for extensive health check-up, plastic surgery and orthopedic surgery in Lithuania. Patients from Eastern Europe are looking for extensive health check-up , second opinion consultation, health surgery, gynecology , orthopedic surgery,  delivery, rehabilitation and spa.

   Medical tourism in Lithuania has an European level of safety and quality, high skilled professionals, English speaking medical staff, modern technologies and treatment methods, absence of a waiting list, quick health check-ups and disease diagnostics.

   Also , it is good to know that Lithuania is the most rapidly growing country of medical tourism in the Baltic and Northern Europe region. Patients who  seek medical treatment in Lithuania come from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Norway, Latvia and other countries like U.K., Ireland, USA, Georgia, Germany, Israel and the main medical tourism services offered in Lithuania are health check-ups & diagnostics, surgery , dental care , rehabilitation , medical spa , beauty  and wellness treatments.

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