Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Malta.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Malta.

Medical tourism in Malta

Medical tourism in Malta

Medical tourism in Romania:

   Statistics based on data of 2013, when over 70,000 people from other countries were treated in Romania , reflect  the huge capacity of the medical tourism market in Romania. The promising and appreciated results so far ,  belongs to private clinics / hospitals in major cities.

Furthermore, the number of foreign tourists attracted by the spa resorts in Romania  in the last  4-5 years, on average, is  around a figure of 80,000-100,000 people, due to the natural healing factors available in   (30 percent of Europe’s mineral and thermal springs) and due to the  reception capacity of more than 40 spa resorts.

Medical tourism in Malta:

 Malta is a health tourism destination for all seasons. The winter is mild, which is why the elderly British and Scandinavians people stay long , wanting to spend the winter in this country. Very suitable for the elderly, especially in low season, it has low costs and good services. From spring to summer the heat is growing to more than 36/38 degrees in July and in August and these are the  months of big crowds for holidays.

How about completing your visit to Malta with relaxation? After visits to museums, churches, fortresses and other why not spend a quiet time to rest? Moreover how about spending a few days dedicated exclusively to pampering, to enjoy treatment of physical and mental recovery? Fashion spas are no stranger to this country that offers you approximately 40 spa and health centers, all varied in size and specialization and highly qualified professional teams. You can choose from 5 star hotels or exclusive establishments but in any case, to benefit of the pleasures of a spa is not strictly necessary to use an expensive accommodation or a high-end resort; there are hotels that will offer a package in collaboration with a health center and then depends on your tastes when selecting treatments that  you like. Because  the spa treatments are very varied, the most common are the massages, which currently have a wide diversification: hot stone, Swedish, anti- stress, facials, Oriental  and so on. But there are also other possibilities such as body wraps, hydro-thermal treatments and the  application of Botox.

Health and relaxation are currently closely associated with the sport and many centers  offers to customers the possibility to practice dance, pilates, aerobics, yoga, squash and many more activities that can be completed  thanks to the privileged climate that exist in Malta, with other outdoor excursions or bicycle trip type.

In a final line we mention the nomination of Malta as a destination for medical tourism, the significant reason  for choosing this country being the lower cost of treatment and, once again, the good weather. As previously mentioned Botox, and cosmetic surgery are becoming increasingly popular, so you can take advantage of your trip to the islands for any such intervention you have in mind: rhinoplasty, liposuction, augmentation / breast reduction, etc. The medical sector in Malta and Gozo have full guarantees because it is regulated by the Ministry of Health, Nursing and Health Care.

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