Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Mexico.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Mexico.

Medical tourism in Mexico

Medical tourism in Mexico

Medical tourism in Romania:

   Medical tourism in Romania is preferred by a lot of travelers  due to its prices and quality of medical services provided by the clinics/ hospitals in Romania. These are the reasons why annually tens of thousands of foreign travelers come to treat various medical conditions  in Romania.   This country has a market of medical tourism about 250 million dollars and the cosmetic estheticians and dentists are top election, according to recent statistics.

Medical travelers from  Europe, Arab countries and even from the United States choose Romania because the amount paid at the end is sometimes even three times lower than in the countries of origin. People who are overweight,  who need cosmetic / restorative dentistry and those who choose beauty services are top of the list of patients who reach the hands of doctors in Romania and decide for medical tourism in this country.


Medical tourism in Mexico:

  The term “medical tourism” also known as health tourism has become very popular these days. This means to travel through different countries to find health care , and Mexico is already a popular destination for medical tourism. These health care or treatments include common problems and complex treatments such as oncology, general medicine, joint replacement, dental care and cosmetic surgery . The medical travelers need in most cases and travel aspects with tourism / leisure offers and packages. Health tourism patients should know the additional cost when traveling , everything regarding  the health care and accommodation on the treatment locations. The popularity of medical tourism has increased due to  many factors such as no waits for certain procedures,  fair costs, affordability of travel, the standard and quality of health and care services.

  Medical tourists travel to Europe, Asia, Latin America, Middle East, to obtain quality health services at affordable prices and Mexico has a lot to offer. Specialities such as plastic surgery, stem cell therapy, and dentistry are very popular in Mexico. Medical tourism patients travel to Mexico from around the world to obtain quality medical care in dentistry and plastic surgery. Americans also prefer Mexico for dental health care because in America  the dentist charges are very high in comparison with Mexican dentists charge. Mexican dentists charge one fifth quarter of the US dentists price.  Generally, the medical tourists are satisfied with the quality of health services in Mexico and they say that around 90 percent  of the care they receive in Mexico is excellent. Mexican hospitals are not popular only for dental surgery and plastic surgery ,  they  also provide quality services for bariatric surgery to lose weight. The lap band surgery is also performed by surgeons in Mexico. The hospitals of Mexico are well equipped with the latest technology and medical equipment. In addition, Mexico is the country with the largest network of hospitals and clinics in the Latin America and it is right on the border with the United States, reason why it is considered an excellent medical tourism option especially for Americans.

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