Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Morocco.

Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Morocco.

Medical tourism Romania, Morocco

Medical tourism Romania, Morocco

Medical tourism in Romania:

Romania has a recognized medical potential and unique touristic places to visit. Usually,  in most developed countries, at a luxury dental clinic you can spend a fortune on teeth treatments , while in Romania a medical tourist can  get dental work done  at much lower prices, including trips set in the package.  Dental tourism, also known as “dental vacation” is a branch  of  medical tourism that  involves patients seeking dental treatment benefit beyond their public health systems. Dental implants are the most sought  by these patients  who choose  dental tourism, followed by  zirconia crowns . Dental tourism in Romania is a high-specialized  one , and has the highest technology of the moment. Western patients find out quality of Romanian dental services  equal to that offered either in Western Europe or in the US, Canada or Australia. In addition, savings that can be made by a  Western  medical tourist are up 70%.  In Romania there is an emerging market for medical tourism in various medical fields,  but additional resources are not yet exploited. There is a professional potential at a very high level appreciated by health tourists who  have visited this country for medical treatment. Medical tourism is a product used more frequently worldwide but insufficiently exploited in Romania.

Medical tourism in Morocco:

Being a popular destination for medical tourism, you will enjoy both health and wellness tourism in Morocco. The country offers optimal conditions for medical treatment , a good climate for recuperation and numerous travel attractions. Traveling for medical care, especially for plastic surgery has already became famous in Morocco. Breast enlargement and liposuction are most popular interventions required by  medical travelers. Medical tourism in Morocco gained a positive reputation and demand for , reason why it has increased in the last years. Dental tourism in Morocco is also appreciated , especially by the Francophone medical travelers , dental implants in Morocco being much cheaper. Furthermore, laser eye surgery is sought by health tourists. Patients from whole Europe and not only , started to choose  Morocco for medical travel.

During your medical holidays you can enjoy extraordinary sightseeing tours and spa treatments , because Morocco spa tourism is focusing on anti-aging therapies. Medical tourism in Morocco is growing each year since  there are good medical facilities in all major cities   that attract    health tourists  from all over the world.  The costs for accommodation, food and travel are low and medical tourism packages are offered at affordable cost.

Informative  medical and travel prices in Romania compared with Morocco. Please take note that these price are informative only , they may vary depending on the quality of materials, location , clinic / doctor reputation, etc.

Medical tourism prices in Morocco

Medical tourism prices in Morocco


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