Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Pakistan.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Pakistan.

Medical tourism  in Pakistan

Medical tourism in Pakistan

Medical tourism in Romania:

    Medical tourism in Romania is characterized by the fact that a medical traveler receives medical care from highly qualified medical professionals who  offer  best standard of care and quality of service , especially in areas such as dentistry, plastic surgery, cardiology,  orthopedics, eye surgery, medical spa.  In most cases  the doctors and medical staff are English speaking and the language is not considered a barrier to communication.

    Besides the usual destinations with which Romania became famous in the traditional tourism, such as the seaside, cultural or thematic tourism , there are now some agencies that are aligned with the global trends, offering “medical  tourism” or ‘dental tourism’. These are more and more  sought by the Westerners  because of the price explosion in the dental offices or in the hospitals in the Western Europe.

Medical tourism in Pakistan:

    The emergence of Pakistan as a new destination for medical services and tourism  starts to be taken in consideration. Traveling in Pakistan is not as expensive as going to Europe or North America and the cost of obtaining the medical services is also much lower in this country.  The major cities in Pakistan such as Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad are home to well-developed hospitals in which are performed various surgeries and  procedures such as: orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, gynecological & obstetrics,  cardiac surgery, fertility, cancer, rehabilitation services, mental illness treatment,  organ transplants . Medical travelers who prefer Pakistan  for their treatment generally come from Afghanistan as well from the United States and United Kingdom.

    The prices are even eight times lower that in the United States ,  while the medical care is offered  with state of the art medical services. A medical tourist can benefit of a treatment packaged together with sightseeing, spa  and massage therapy sessions. Furthermore, the country  attracts  medical tourists and with  its  rich historical and cultural background which is highly appreciated by travelers.