Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Peru.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Peru.

Medical tourism in Peru

Medical tourism in Peru

Medical tourism in Romania:

   For medical tourism in Romania the popular areas most sought  by potential customers in medical travel are: dentistry, cosmetic surgery,  fertility treatments, ophthalmology, treatment of cancer, treatment of obesity, spa tourism. The number of patients has doubled, thanks to good service and low prices. Westerners in particular repaired here their teeth or leave themselves in  the hands of aestheticians and plastic surgeons for various beauty treatments or cosmetic surgeries. Nobody makes a secret of the fact that Romania  ensures low prices and quality services.


Medical tourism in Peru:

   In the past years, the number of health tourists in Peru amounted to 250,000 people, and the demand was honored to European and American standards .The most demanded services  in Peru are plastic surgery, dentistry and ophthalmology.

Because there is a good quality of health professionals in Peru the main visitors are Latino, and among them, Peruvians living in the United States. They prefer to come to Peru because the costs in the North American country are very high. The workforce in Peru is less expensive than other countries and the entry of new health tourists also benefit other sectors, leveraging tourism  with recognized places to visit. This growth in health tourism is not new as it has been evidenced since 2010 .The surgeries services sought by medical travelers in Peru are dental, vision, fertility and minor surgery.

Furthermore ,  Peru also has received patients from the US., Chile and Ecuador to treat cases of depression, addictions, or disturbances in eating behaviors. Foreigners are treated in the country due to 70% cheaper prices and excellent service.

 Also, now Peru is presented to the world as a new health tourism destination  with  the Aranwa Hotel & Wellness, which already is known as a place of rest and rehabilitation for the elites . The spa is considered the best equipped in South America and its facilities resemble a small village with services that were previously only offered by the luxury hotels in Switzerland or the US.  So, those who wish to know Peru not only for  travel & leisure , but also for solving medical issues, the natural wealth of Peru is in itself a major strengthening of health.

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