Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Philippine.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Philippine.

Medical tourism in Philippine

Medical tourism in Philippine

Medical tourism in Romania:

   Although Romania has clinics and hospitals sought by medical tourists,  it also has one of the lowest density of physicians to population – 22.7 doctors to every 10,000 people, below the average of 35 of the  European Union (Hungary has the average 30.3 while Croatia  has 26 or  in Austria where there are 48.5 doctors per every 10,000 inhabitants.) and the average salary of an experienced physician in Romania is less than $ 20,000 per year compared to about 82,000 dollars in Germany and 120,000 dollars in UK , doctors in Romania are sought  especially by the tourists who  are mostly Germans, Italians, Israelis, British and the numbers increase almost every year due to quality of medical services provided by the Romanian doctors and because Romania offers many exciting travel opportunities.

Medical tourism in Philippine:

   As a medical tourism destination for many years, the Philippines is a medical travel destination increasingly popular among  patients.

The concept of medical tourism is not new. The first form of medical tourism dates back thousands of years, when pilgrims were traveling  in the Saronic Gulf. This territory was the sanctuary of God Asclepius (Greek God of medicine and fitness). Represented leaning on a wooden stick on which wraps a snake, the symbol of medicine in the form of the Caduceus. Spa towns and sanitariums may be considered as the first medical tourism forms.

The Philippines is one of the few countries to send qualified doctors and dentists in the United States and this is an evidence of the quality of the training they have received.

A medical procedure can be performed for a fraction of the amount that a patient would have to pay for the same procedure in the US or Europe.  Several Filipino medical centers are accredited by “the American Joint Commission – the International accreditation group, (JCI)”

The city of Manila is the first to offer dental operations at low prices for tourists. The dental tourism sector is developing very fast, the dental clinics have proliferated throughout the archipelago, especially in major provincial cities. The equipment and technologies used in the Western countries are found also in the Philippines and many practitioners have been trained in the US. Many people come here to teeth whitening, implants, bridges, dentures, which cost less than what is charged in Europe or the United States.

 After finding a new smile, most visitors choose to relax at a beach, in a SPA in the country or in the mountains to discover the cutters heads of the tribes( for those who don’t like the beach or the heat  ). Being a country in the world where English is spoken, the visitor has the  guarantee to be understood. The warmth, good humor and the hospitality of the Filipino people will do the rest to ensure a memorable holiday for one who comes to visit it.

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