Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Poland.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Poland.

Medical tourism in Poland

Medical tourism in Poland

Medical tourism in Romania:

In recent years, private medical tourism services market in Romania has developed into an accelerated pace. Specialized medical centers were opened and many are ultra-specialized in dentistry, plastic surgery orthopedics, cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery, oncology, radiation therapy, in vitro fertilization and ophthalmology.  They annually attract more than 60,000 tourists who came mostly for dentistry, cosmetic surgery and anti-aging treatments. But orthopedics, ophthalmology, cardiovascular surgery and in vitro fertilization are just some of the specialties with a great growth potential for medical tourism market in Romania.

By comparison, a cardiac surgery bypass  can cost in Romania 4,100 euros, while in Poland the price reached euro 5,300 and euro 10,300 in the UK. In addition, a dental implant cost Romania even 500 euros, while in Poland and the UK prices are a bit higher.

Also, travelers choose Romania as a medical tourism destination and due to the shorter waiting time.

Medical tourism in Poland :

   Medical tourism in Poland is becoming increasingly popular for patients who come from Western Europe, particularly for patients in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Scandinavia, and for patients who come from USA.

 These medical tourists are mainly seeking  plastic surgery,  cardiology and dental treatment. They decide to come to Poland  for the high quality of medical services provided in this country, for professional medical personnel, for a short waiting time regarding the surgery but also for the low prices of medical treatment, which are  50% cheaper than in Western Europe. Also, due to a good healthcare system and advanced infrastructure, Poland meets patients healthcare needs.

Specialized procedures like dental treatments, cosmetic surgery, eye surgery, joint replacement, fertility treatments and alternative treatments are very affordable compared with other countries and recovery can be done on five star centers , being the best way to recuperate after a surgery or dental treatment.

Poland offers as well an unique spa experience in its numerous spas throughout the  country. Furthermore, its spectacular natural beauty , rich culture and history are some aspects that attract tourists from all over the world.

Also, for several years expats have been returning home to get dental works, plastic surgery and other procedures such as hip replacement done at 30% to 60% of the cost they would pay in their adopted country.  Medical tourism in Poland with its services and prices will continue to attract many travelers in the next years.

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