Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Slovakia.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Slovakia.

Medical tourism in Slovakia

Medical tourism in Slovakia

Medical tourism in Romania:

 To travel abroad for maintaining the health is nothing new because  over the last decade has been recorded an increased flow of medical trips , and lately Romania is on the medical tourism destinations map.

 The current phase of international medical tourism is characterized by an industrial approach where uninsured or partly insured  patients from industrialized countries are seeking quality healthcare with affordable prices in developing countries, a phenomenon known as medical outsourcing. The most frequently requested medical services outside the borders include dental treatments, cosmetic surgery, elective surgery and fertility treatments , Romania being now a country where you can benefit of these treatments in modern clinics/ hospitals .

Medical tourism in Slovakia:

 Slovakia has become a popular destination of medical tourism due to the health care facilities,  good quality of medical services and highly  trained doctors,  many of them practicing medicine or having medical specializations done abroad.

 Medical travelers are particularly interested in the treatment and care without waiting lists,  in a pleasant medical environment and they are attracted by the  welcoming attitude  of the medical staff. They are also pleased  when doctors communicate well in  foreign languages​​.

 Patients who choose Slovakia for medical treatment are  coming especially from countries like U.S., Spain, Germany, Sweden.

 Medical treatments which can be performed successfully in Slovakia are dental treatment, plastic surgery, dermatological treatments.

 Slovakia has many hot springs, mineral water sources, spas and even a geyser. There are 1,160 registered sources of healing water in Slovakia and 22 spa resorts. In the relaxing spa resorts people can also treat medical conditions like: respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, immunological disorders. Furthermore. these spa resorts offer many kind of massages and other restorative therapies accompanied by swimming and other recreational activities in a beautiful natural places.  It is good to know that near of Slovakia there are also a number of spa destinations and spa hotels/ resorts  at only 2 hours drive from the  Slovakia’s  borders, in Hungary and Austria.

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