Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Slovenia.

Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Slovenia.

Medical tourism  in Slovenia

Medical tourism in Slovenia

Medical tourism in Romania:

 The new concept of medical tourism adds features that relate to the large number of people traveling abroad for treatment by taking advantage of low-cost flights.  Because in Romania especially the private medical sector started to attract medical tourists ,  the aesthetic and plastic surgery, dental and ophthalmic services are among the most sought by the foreigners who come to be treated in this country. The rate of medical tourists  is dominated by French tourists, Germans and Italians. They prefer  Romania due to lower costs,  up to 60% less than in their countries.

Medical tourism in Slovenia:

 Medical tourism in Slovenia is focused on using thermal waters.The significant number of this type of resorts is located in the Eastern parts of the country. Almost all of them are resorts of international value. Medical spa and wellness is one of the most promising areas for development of health tourism in Slovenia.

 Thermal and mineral waters are generously spread in this country and other important factors are the sea water and the salt water, organic and inorganic peloids ( or therapeutic mud).

 It is interesting to know that Slovenian health spas have developed new methods of health treatment using natural healing agents in combination with preventive programs. Slovenia is situated between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea and provides an ideal environment for tourism.

 The combination between a favorable climate and famous thermal springs is suitable for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, kidney ailments and rheumatism. Also, as the water is rich in paraffin, it is especially good  for smoothing  the skin and very suitable for treatment and for rheumatic conditions.

 Beside this, in Slovenia you can take advantage of low cost rates for cosmetic and plastic surgery, dentistry, weight loss treatment and infertility treatment.  All these together make Slovenia an attractive health tourism destination.

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