Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Spain.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Spain.

Medical tourism in Spain

Medical tourism in Spain

Medical tourism in Romania:

 Medical tourism started to be valuated at its true potential as long as over 20,000 tourists come each year to treat themselves in Romania, spending on health care, accommodation and meals, over 60 million. The main popular services the foreigners opt for in Romania are plastic surgery and dental treatments. Of the 20,000 foreigners about 8,000 come for cosmetic surgery,  7,000 for complex dental procedures (implants etc.) and the rest for ophthalmologic investigations in private hospitals and  other treatments.  Romania has a huge potential for medical tourism and this sector will increase  from year to year as long as the quality of services are high and the prices affordable.

Medical tourism in Spain :

 Medical tourism is an option  for foreign travelers who are seeking to resolve their medical problems in another country  such as Spain , where they will find a low cost medical offer ,  a quality medical treatment and endless travel advantages. The waiting time is notably shorter compared to the UK.

 When you choose medical tourism you have to know that popular treatments in Spain are: cosmetic surgery, orthopedic surgery, dentistry, eye surgery, elective surgery, medical spa and wellness treatments, coronary artery bypass.

 In Spain there are over 700 hospitals and clinics with excellent infrastructure, medical facilities meeting international standards, most of the hospitals in  this country being accredited  at national or international level. Besides a vast network of hospitals and clinics and a great infrastructure , Spain has highly qualified doctors and affordable healthcare services.

 In Spain’s  hospitals  you’ll benefit of the latest treatments and services done with advanced technology. Also, most doctors in Spain speak English but if necessary you can benefit of professional interpreter services who are made available by the hospital.

 Medical tourists from USA and UK can save up to 50% of medical bills for their healthcare needs.

 It is well known that recuperation after a surgery or medical treatment can be done in one of the many beautiful resorts in this country,  because  Spain has many spa and wellness centers or resorts.

 Medical tourism in Spain generally attracts people from neighboring countries, who want to take advantage of important discounts on major surgical procedures, cosmetic surgery, dental care  and at the same time to explore travel attractions of a  beautiful country rich in extraordinary towns, beaches , history, culture and tradition.

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