Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Sweden.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Sweden.

Medical tourism  in Sweden

Medical tourism in Sweden

Medical tourism in Romania:

  For medical tourism in Romania there are many medical facilities that can provide their services to patients who need them, the quality of Romanian doctors is good, the  overall quality of  medical facilities is good, so Romania has facilities and doctors  that can be of high value for patients from other countries.

  The people choose to travel for medical tourism for many reasons, one of them is they cannot find adequate treatment in their country or that country is poor, has poor infrastructure or because their land is too small to provide a variety of proper medical care . A second reason is that the patients hope they will benefit from a cheaper treatment in another country as the treatment in their country is too expensive or not compensated by insurance or must bear the personal costs. A third reason comes more from the emotional sphere because the patients want the best for them ,  for their close relatives or simply they have the perception that the treatments are much better abroad than in the country where they live.

  Being a cheap destination for medical tourism, somewhere 50% percent below the prices of Western Europe , the medical  tourists might earn a lot of that is a voyage in Europe, not far from their countries, and where they can solve quickly a health problem while  they visit an interesting country. Foreigners love to go to new places and to know another culture, and if the quality of medical service is good  they are not at all reluctant to treat themselves abroad.

Medical tourism in Sweden:

  A medical tourist seeking planned medical treatment will find out availability on medical services, quality and opportunity of combining travel and holidays with a medical treatment in Sweden.

  The healthcare system in Sweden is often used as a model by other countries. A medical tourist will enjoy shortest hospitals stays in private hospitals. Waiting times for pre-planned care , such as hip replacement surgery or cataract surgery will not exceed 90 days.

  Healthcare coverage in Sweden is universal, which means all resident , including expatriates will have access to public financed healthcare services and it covers inpatient / outpatient hospital care, drugs prescription and rehabilitation services.

  Dental care is available free of charge for children and adolescents up to 20 years old. Emergency dental care services are available free of charge for EU citizen who are covered in their home country and have an European Health Insurance Card.

 The most popular treatments in Sweden are: orthopedics surgery, neurosurgery, dentistry, plastic surgery, weight loss surgery.

 You can save about 50% on medical bills by choosing Sweden as a medical tourism destination.

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