Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Switzerland.

Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Switzerland.

Medical tourism in Romania; medical tourism in Switzerland

Medical tourism in Romania; medical tourism in Switzerland

Medical tourism in Romania:

Dental tourism in Romania ensures savings of 70% to complex dental treatments.  Medical tourists know and appreciate the value of dentistry in Romania, which is as high as that of countries in Western Europe or the US. Quality-price ratio is clearly in favor of Romanian dental  clinics, because the same treatments are carried out at the same standard. Romania is one of the countries with a positive reputation regarding dental tourism, here are coming  both,  Romanians living abroad  and foreign patients. Besides solving /  treating dental problems at attractive prices  a medical tourist  has the opportunity to visit the capital and the  nearby touristic areas. Dental tourism is a global industry, and even if leaders are Asian countries, Romania has a great potential in this branch of medical tourism. With its entry into the European Union, Romania has become an interesting  medical tourism destination, and it will  become one of the leading destinations in terms of dental tourism. At the moment, foreigners opinion about dental tourism in Romania is: well organized dental clinics, quality of service and post-warranty for dental treatments. An international patient will be treated by a similar protocol  as a Romanian patient ,  in medical terms. Of course medical tourism  integrates and communication services, tourism, accommodation in Romania and everything that it needs to solve medical problems and to return in the country of origin.

Medical tourism in Switzerland:

Health and wellness tourism, also known as medical tourism, keeps increasing in Switzerland , even if this country has expensive prices. Even so, many medical travelers prefer Switzerland for treatment , especially those who are coming from Middle East countries , Russia, China, India, Brazil. Providing high class medical procedures mainly in the fields  of cosmetic surgery, neurosurgery, obesity surgery, orthopedic surgery, ivf treatment , medical spa , it is considered a medical tourism destination highly attractive to those who are looking for a country with a strong reputation at global level for the value of healthcare. There are state of art technologies , well trained doctors , a wide variety of available treatments and the country offers outstanding touristic attractions. In Switzerland you will find out different medical specialists who provide top quality services , applying the latest advancements of contemporary medicine. Furthermore, having a long tradition in medical and wellness tourism , Switzerland  offers quality rehabilitation, prevention and  spa treatments, deeply appreciated by the health travelers.

Informative  medical and travel prices in Romania compared with Switzerland ( in Euro). Please take note that these price are informative only , they may vary depending on the quality of materials, location , clinic / doctor reputation, etc.


Medical tourism prices in Switzerland

Medical tourism prices in Switzerland


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Medical tourism in Romania

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