Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Tunisia.

Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Tunisia.

Medical tourism  In Tunisia

Medical tourism In Tunisia

Medical tourism in Romania:

 Medical tourism starts to develop in Romania, believe experts in the field. Dental procedures, which are cheaper in this country, will bring more foreign travelers, who are interested in new technologies. On the medical and surgery field are offered advanced treatments , while on the touristic side are provided services ranging from hotel , accommodation and transfers, so that when the patient has a break between treatments, he will  be able to visit the country and to see all  its beautiful places, having this way excellent holidays.  Especially during the summer medical tourism is growing, experts say, when medical travelers come in large numbers and take advantage of dental services with low prices. Dentists in Romania say that interventions most requested  are dental implants and ceramic crowns.

Medical tourism in Tunisia:

 For ten years, Tunisia has chosen to combine medical care and  tourism . And, thanks to prices that are unbeatable, even two to three times cheaper than in Europe or Unite States many medical travelers .  choose its low-cost formulas.  In Tunisia, medical tourism did not wait and private clinics or hospitals welcome  travelers  for eye surgery, cardiac surgery, dental care , cosmetic surgery or  general medicine.  Medical procedures are two – three times cheaper than in other countries, reason why tourists do not hesitate a second to travel in Tunisia for the desired treatment.

 Tunisia is a historic destination for medical tourism and a great opportunity to perform the procedure you’ve always dreamed of because you have the possibility to choose a clinic services with equipment as advanced as those of European institutions in a pleasant environment and of course incomparable prices.

 Medical tourism in Tunisia  aims to ensure that foreign patients have  the best medical care quality and a fair cost. The number of foreign patients who benefit from Tunisian medical tourism services is increasing from one year to another and this is due to the quality of services provided by medical institutions including multidisciplinary clinics.

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