Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in United Arab Emirates.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in United Arab Emirates.

Medical tourism in United Arab Emirates

Medical tourism in United Arab Emirates

Medical tourism in Romania:

 Medical  care and travel at the same place – many people can benefit from this type of medical tourism services that Romania offers ,  from people who want to do some medical tests (normal controls) till people with health problems more or less serious. All these patients receive quality service and professionalism offered by medical tourism consultants. Romania is one of the countries  appreciated for  dental tourism  having clinics equipped with the latest technology  and the tariffs (prices) are much lower than in Western European countries and the US . For example, in Romania are prices two or three times lower than in Western European region,  with treatments having the same quality standards as those in clinics in Europe, the United States other countries. Romania has become  in recent years an attractive market, more and more medical travelers deciding to spend a week or two  here just to put their teeth, thus managing to save thousand euros.

Medical tourism in United Arab Emirates:

 Medical care and tourism in United Arab Emirates – in addition to responding to the health care needs of the population in the UAE, the medical travel in United Arab Emirates looks at the overall potential of the region and the Middle East,  trying to improve services and to attract  more medical travelers.

 Health is the sector with greater growth opportunities in the territory of the UAE, especially in trying to solve domestic problems and to dominate the market of the “health tourism” in the Middle East.

 Medical tourism is currently a phenomenon in progressive growth and among the favorite destinations  for travelers  who are coming from the UK  and USA  for healthcare  are India , Thailand, Mexico,  Germany. A third of the population is overweight while about one-fifth of people have serious problems of blood pressure. This is also why cardiovascular disease and diabetes account for a large part on the health system, with further growing trend, together with all those diseases that are closely reconnected to overweight and diabetes, such as orthopedic problems, eye, aesthetic.

Health  tourism in United Arab Emirates attracts a growing number of patients and tourism revenues amounted to approximately $ 1.7 billion in 2010, while the sector is expected to grow about 15 percent annually, according to Business Monitor International. Dubai healthcare  plans to establish centers for oncology, genetic disorders and diabetes in the next years to expand the medical tourism even if one of the challenges is the competition from such popular destinations as India and South Asia.

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