Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Vietnam.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Vietnam.

Medical tourism  in Vietnam

Medical tourism in Vietnam

Medical tourism in Romania:

   The concept of medical tourism involves the treatment of the foreign patients with various diseases in clinics or private hospitals abroad and recently this also can be done  in Romania. According to the  statistics of the Ministry of Tourism in  2010, revenues from medical tourism were about 250 millions euros and the number of tourists who visited the country for this purpose was about 60,000. The high number of foreigners who come to treat themselves in Romania is explained by the high medical costs in other countries. So many people come to treat their conditions in Romania and other countries in which these costs are low. The foreign patients represent people with various ailments residing in any corner of the world and who prefer to choose quality medical services at the same level or even higher but at a lower rate than in their country. Besides this advantage, the patient benefits from attractive tourism services prices.

Medical tourism in Vietnam:

   Medical tourism in Vietnam is growing each year because the number of  foreign patients increases due to the application of science and high technology in medicine in Vietnam. This  thing has greatly contributed to improving the quality and  effectiveness of care provided .

Far from wanting to compete  with the hospitals in the countries that dominate the highly profitable market of medical tourism, Vietnam is a popular destination for international patients seeking care that does not require major surgery. The reputation of health tourism in the country  comes from its specialty in alternative medicine.  Thus, many international patients travel to this  country in order to receive acupuncture and Qi Gong. Many travelers from Europe and America choose Vietnam to enjoy the traditional and natural medicine like homeopathy. Other successful medical  procedures in this region of the world gathers many enthusiasts for the medical treatment based on plants. Khan Hoa is a province famous for its hot thermal water. The health travelers can enjoy  their holidays to make mud baths and to benefit of the healing spa services based on plants. To make a medical tourism vacation in Vietnam, you have to  book your package from a medical tourism company. This way you can book your treatment sessions in specialized institutions that interest you.

Furthermore, in the recent years, the health sector has made significant achievements in medical consultation and treatment, with the arrival of modern equipment and application of high technologies in the cardiovascular surgery, liver transplant , brain surgery, in vitro fertilization.

With its recent advances in all areas of medicine, medical tourism in Vietnam looks for a bright future set.

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