Medical Tourism In Romania – Transport -OFFER NO.1

Medical Tourism In Romania – Transport -OFFER NO.1


Medical tourism in Romania, advice for  transport option No.1, description, , rates and routes in Bucharest and countryside.

Our Team:  2 founders  , 1 operation manager, 2 accounts managers, 2 dispatchers.

Field team: 31 drivers hired to different companies, 3 personal chauffeurs hired to public figures, 9 protocol chauffeurs.

Conduct: bilingual staff, positive and friendly team attitude, frequently training for entire team, standard uniform for chauffeurs, professional manner

Operational advantages: global flights tracker, fleet that covers any needs, customer account for online reservations, free App Store and Google Play booking applications, Instantly electronic confirmation.

The way to doing business: long term perspective, keeping commitments, open communication, active collaboration.

Our clients: companies,  events and media agencies, officials & VIP’s, travel agencies, hotels.

Additional services: vehicle delivering and collection, car wash valet, fleet management, long term parking services, specialized guides, transportation bookings in any EU country through our network partners.


Mercedes E Class (maximum 3 passengers)

Part of the business class, it is the first standard car that frequently performs transport services and airport transfer. A car that exceeds expectations, elegant and roomy inside, a limousine with superior amenities and  that inspiring  a safety  appearance.  It does everything  to contribute to the satisfaction of your journey.



Mercedes S Class ( maximum 3 passengers)

Luxury  class and amenities highest ranking of those in Western Europe. An eccentric car that offers maximum safety and comfort for passengers, and which can not be described but only when you reach your destination.



Minivan Mercedes Vito ( maximum 7 passengers)

Ideal for tours, personal transport or airport transfers for groups of up to 7 passengers with a high degree of comfort . Added amenities which include: independent seats, individual air conditioning, LCD, DVD, headrests, armrests, cupholder, and refrigerator.


Minivan Mercedes Viano ( maximum 7 passengers)

Mercedes Viano (6+1)

Business class with leather armchairs, independently adjustable and which are rotating 360 degrees, with  center table and air conditioning. Next-generation gadgets  complements this mobile small desk , this offering an ideal moving space for your business.













unitary price hourly daily extra hour price/km daily price
3 hours 5 hours 8 hours up to 12h/day  
business class  
MB E Class – up to 3 pax  €        25.00  €        15.00  €      40.00  €      80.00  €   100.00  €         140.00  €     18.00  €           0.45 180 Euro/day, 400 km included
business group  
MB Vito 7+1 seats  €        55.00  €        18.00  €      45.00  €      75.00  €      90.00  €         120.00  €     15.00  €           0.55 180 Euro/day, 400 km included
luxury group  
MB V Klass 6+1 seats  €        70.00  €        25.00  €      75.00  €      90.00  €   110.00  €         180.00  €     25.00  €           0.70 230 Euro/day, 400 km included
business team  
MB Sprinter 12-19 seats  €      105.00  €        65.00  €      60.00  €      80.00  €   100.00  €         150.00  €     18.00  €           0.90 minimum 250 km/day
Coach 44 – 49 seats  €      130.00  €        80.00  \  \  €   130.00  €         190.00  €     25.00  €           1.10 minimum 250 km/day
VAT included
Road taxes, parking taxes, Passengers&luggage insurance included
NO extra cost for night & weekend services
Each waiting hour is divided by two units of 30 minutes each. First unit is free of charge, any exceeding of the first unit is considered waiting hour and will be charged in accordance with the listed price of the vehicle type
Waiting hours does NOT apply  to airport pick up, no matter of nature delays, availability is guaranteed and is free of charge
Free Wi-Fi, mineral/plain water and bilingual newspapers during the entire trip



Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Your feedback welcome!

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