Medical tourism in Romania. Visit Alba Iulia fortress ( Alba Carolina).

Medical tourism in Romania. Visit Alba Iulia fortress ( Alba Carolina).

Alba Iulia fortress

Alba Iulia fortress

Medical tourism in Romania, Alba Iulia, History and location:

Medical tourism in Romania. The city Alba Iulia is located 340 km from Bucharest, capital of Romania. By visiting Alba Iulia fortress   during your medical tourism in Romania  you will relax and you will have a wonderful holiday.
Fortress Alba Iulia is a Vauban bastion built in the early eighteenth century in the medieval town of Alba Iulia  on the Citadel Hill, having the strategic  role of  a defense fortification against the Habsburg military efforts of the Ottoman Empire  and to strengthen Habsburg power locally.


The main body of the fortress is as an irregular heptagon, the seven towers giving it a typical image of the star systems of this kind. The fortress  plan was drawn around the axes represented by the six gates (three to the east and the rest of  them to the west), of which the main one is in the east.  The western gates were – initially – in touch with the army training ground . Alba Iulia Fortress provides four important routes for tourists to discover the main points and historical monuments: Route of the Three Fortifications, Heroes Trail, Northern Trail and  trail gates.


After years of working and restoration, Alba Carolina Fortress shows its true value and waiting with all doors open, more beautiful than ever.
Along with Brancusi Ensemble in Targu-Jiu, Corvin Castle in Hunedoara, Dacian Fortresses , cultural  city of Iasi, Sibiu medieval city and  painted monasteries of Bucovina , Alba Iulia fortress  is considered one of the 7 wonderful places to visit in Romania.

Enjoy  medical tourism in  Romania  by visiting Alba Iulia fortress  during your holidays.

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