Medical tourism in Romania. Visit Sibiu, medieval city in Transylvania.

Medical tourism in Romania. Visit Sibiu, medieval city in Transylvania.

Sibiu city

Sibiu city

Medical tourism in Romania, Sibiu, History and location:

Medical tourism in Romania. Sibiu (known in Latin Cibinium in German Hermannstadt and in Hungarian Nagyszeben) is a major cultural and economic center of southern Transylvania, Romania, and has a population of 147,245 habitants. By visiting  Sibiu during your medical tourism in Romania  you will relax and you will have a wonderful holiday.

This city was a center of Saxon colonists settled in the area. The city was the capital of Transylvania between 1692-1791 and 1849-1865 and in recent years experienced a significant cultural and economic renaissance. Sibiu is currently one of the cities with the highest level of foreign investment in Romania.

Minority communities:

The local community is made up of diverse ethnic groups. The vast majority of the population is represented by the Romanian (94%) who live with Germans, descendants of Saxon settlers who emigrated in the twelfth century from  Luxembourg, Lorraine, Alsace. To them  joins the Hungarians community,  the gipsy community and  Hebrew community.

What to visit in Sibiu and around:

Franciscan Church, Sibiu road Transfagarasan, Balea Lake,  Ocna  Sibiu,  church Cisnădie , Cisnădie,  National College,  “Samuel von Brukenthal” Sibiu, Sibiu Evangelical Church, Piata Mare Sibiu, Balea waterfall, Brukenthal Museum Sibiu,  Piata Mica, Sibiu Haller Bastion , Bastion Soldisch Sibiu, Sibiu Catholic Church, the Evangelical-Lutheran, Church of Dârlos Cisnădioara fortified church, Bazna fortified church, the Reformed Church of Sibiu, Sibiu Ursuline Church, Blue House Sibiu, Sibiu Generals House, House Hecht Sibiu, Sibiu Haller House, House Lutsch Sibiu, Sibiu Orthodox Cathedral,,  Sibiu zoo, natural History Museum of Sibiu, Sibiu steam locomotive museum, National Museum Brukenthal, Astra Park, Huet Square Sibiu, Sibiu Liars Bridge, spa resort Bazna, mountain resort Paltinis, Gunsmiths Tower Sibiu, Sibiu Carpenters Tower, Thick Tower Sibiu , Potters Tower Sibiu, Sibiu Tanners Tower, Gate Tower Sibiu, Gunpowder Tower Sibiu, Sibiu Stairs Tower, Tower Hall Sibiu, Sibiu city walls.

Enjoy  medical tourism in  Romania  by visiting  Sibiu during your holidays.

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