Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Ukraine.

Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Ukraine.

Medical tourism Romania, Ukraine

Medical tourism Romania, Ukraine

Medical tourism in Romania:

Over 20,000 medical tourists come annually for medical interventions and tourism  in Romania, especially for cosmetic surgery , plastic surgery and dental treatments. A medical traveler spends 1500 – 2000 Euro for medical intervention in Romania and he/she have to stay in Romania at least 14 days in a year, because outside the treatment itself will be back and for consultations. The average room and board expenses also get to 1500 Euro. Of the  20,000 health tourists who choose medical tourism in Romania, about 8,000 come for cosmetic surgery, 7,000 for dental tourism and complex  dental  treatments and the rest for the stomach reduction surgery, ophthalmic surgery and other treatments in private hospitals. Most health tourists who come for medical tourism services in Romania come from the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Israel  and were between 40-60 years old. Medical services in Romania are much cheaper compared to those in other European countries and patients can get to make considerable savings with choosing medical tourism in Romania . Tens of thousands of medical tourists come each year in Romania to benefit from world-class medical services at a price much lower than in Western Europe and the United States and to have a wonderful holiday in a beautiful country.

Experts say that in order to attract more medical tourists to Romania  the main point  will be to improve the infrastructure and to invest in the promotion of wellness services. Medical tourism in Romania is dominated by the spa and wellness services and is valued approximative  at $ 250 million. Applying effective strategies will make  this amount to increase significantly by bringing 500,000 medical tourists in the coming years. Medical tourism in Romania is already known for tourism and medical spa treatments, but also the number of tourists is increasing for dental treatments, thousands of people being treated in dental clinics in Romania. Patients could  pay a quarter of what they pay for these services in their country.

In addition, medical tourism in Romania is likely to increase in areas such as ophthalmology, plastic surgery, cardiac surgery, cardiac and orthopedic prostheses, in vitro fertilization.

The market of medical tourism is growing and will maintain the growth rate in the years ahead, as long as the medical service fees charged in Romania will remain at a lower level than in other countries. Romanian market for medical and tourism services is attractive to health  tourists, especially for people with incomes above average due to low costs, quality medical services provided in a short time, and sightseeing in the region they visit on this occasion .

Medical Tourism in Ukraine:

Medical tourism in Ukraine is dominated by ophtalmology, dental tourism, plastic surgery , in vitro fertilization, stem cell therapy. The ophtalmology in Ukraine is developing and according to statistics there is a chance to save 35% – 40 % on eye treatments. It is known that Ukraine has the latest developments for the cure of glaucoma, cataracts and high degrees of myopia. The magnetotherapy  field is used in oftalmologic , intraocular hemorrhage, keratitis, optic neuritis, retinal vein thrombosis and other diseases that have inflammatory and edematous component.

The cosmetic surgery in Ukraine including botox injections helps people who aim at changing their appearance, and consist in thousands of cases per year. In the past five years the number of plastic surgeries in Ukraine has increased by 20% and the prices for these surgeries are 30% lower in comparision with America and Europe.

The medical tourists also appreciate the quality of dental tourism services provided in Ukraine. Dental tourism in Ukraine offers highly qualified staff and the latest equipment in dental clinics. Because of this, the demand for dental services in Ukraine is large.

Furthermore, the stem cells treatment in Ukraine is  required by medical travelers who choose medical tourism in Ukraine.

The standard of private healthcare in Ukraine is high and there is no waiting time for medical tourists. Most procedures in Ukraine cost 60% – 70% less than the same treatment in Western Europe or in  the US.

Informative  medical and travel prices in Romania compared with Ukraine. Please take note that these price are informative only , they may vary depending on the quality of materials, location , clinic / doctor reputation, etc.

Medical tourism prices in Ukraine

Medical tourism prices in Ukraine

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