Medical tourism in Romania.

Medical tourism in Romania.

Dental Clinic Romania

Dental Clinic Romania

Why medical tourism in Romania ?

Relatively new on the medical tourism market, medical tourism in Romania offers new modern clinics and hospitals where can be performed various medical treatments in maximum condition of safety. Popular treatments performed in Romania are: dental treatments , plastic surgery , cosmetic surgery, eye surgery , hip replacement, knee replacement , medical spa treatments , rehabilitation, reason why medical tourism in Romania begins to grow.

In recent years , private medical services in Romania have been developed fast because of more inaugurated specialized medical centers for orthopedics, cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery , oncology, radiation therapy, in vitro fertilization , ophthalmology. Many patients are coming in Romania especially for dentistry, plastic surgery and anti-aging treatments , but also orthopedics, ophthalmology, cardiovascular surgery , in vitro fertilization , these are some of the specialties with a high potential, the medical tourism in Romania being able to grow faster in the next few years.

For comparison, a heart bypass can cost 4,100 Euro in Romania while in Poland the price is 5,300 Euro and in UK is 10,300 Euro. In addition, a dental implant cost in Romania is approx. 500 Euro, while UK prices are even twice higher .

Also, medical travelers choose Romania as a medical tourism destination due to the doctor waiting time. For example , a simple appointment for a MRI a patient has to wait 2-3 months in the UK while in Romania is an extremely short waiting time.

Among the most popular dental treatments in Romania are dental implant procedures, bleaching, canal fillings. The difference in cost is significant, a dental treatment in Romania is up to 70 % less expensive than other countries.

Also, in plastic surgery clinics in Romania, the cost for plastic surgery or for cosmetic surgery is reduced in comparison to these procedures abroad. For example, in other European countries, plastic surgery operations are twice expensive and in the US  prices are three times higher.

In Romania, recovery can be done comfortably in one of the many spas the country has. Romania it is well known for medical spa treatments and the variety of treatments than can be done here.There are 488 facilities / accommodation strictures with 39,300 beds in spas resorts (13%).


Romania can provide quality medical tourism with medical services which are not covered by health insurance in the private system. The quality is the same as abroad, and the price is at least close to half the price in US or Western Europe.  Even well defined in the dentistry and plastic surgery, medical tourism in Romania has a chance to grow in areas such as ophthalmology,  cardiac surgery, cardiology, cardiac and orthopedic prostheses and in vitro fertilization.

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Medical tourism in Romania

Medical tourism in Romania

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