Medical tourism in Thailand

Medical tourism in Thailand

Medical tourism in Thailand

Medical tourism in Thailand

Medical tourism in Thailand is highly developed with many JCI accredited hospitals that offer to international patients successful and modern medical facilities . The doctors and specialists in Thailand are trained in US or Europe and they perform medical treatments/ surgeries with affordable prices. Medical tourism in Thailand offers a full spectrum of quality healthcare options such as: dental care, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, eye surgery, cardiac care, weight loss care, elective surgeries and more.  In Thailand it is allowed to international patients from many countries a stay up to 30 days without needing a visa. After treatment / surgery you can recuperate on the best Southeast beaches in Asia or you can visit the Northern mountains where you can enjoy an exotic vacation with waterfalls, elephants and beautiful villages.  Also, Thailand is known as the spa center of Asia , this country having many spas and health centers offering a full range of spa treatments and therapies.

The degree of healthcare services  in Thailand is outstanding , the medical staff speak  English fluently and most of medical facilities provide translators for any language. The hospitals in Thailand have special wings for international medical tourists and the billing system makes easy the entire healthcare  process.

In Thailand you’ll have quality healthcare services combined with a beautiful and exotic holiday , reason why the number of international travelers is increasing each year, making Thailand a dominating medical tourism destination.

If you are looking for State-of- Art hospitals, excellence in medical services and  a tropical location to recuperate after treatment / surgery , than Thailand is one of the best medical tourism destination you can consider.

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Medical tourism in Thailand

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