Medical tourism in Turkey, Cunda Island.

Medical tourism in Turkey, Cunda Island.

Cunda Island

Cunda Island

Medical tourism in Turkey. Cunda Island location:

Medical tourism in Turkey.Cunda Island (or Alibey island) is the largest of the Ayvalık Islands archipelago in Turkey. On  the coast of Ayvalik there are over 20 islands, the largest being Alibey Adasi or  Cunda. By visiting  Cunda during your medical tourism in Turkey  you will relax and you will have a wonderful holiday.

Alibey Island is linked to the Lale island by a causeway , and this in turn is linked to Ayvalik resort.

Cunda Island history:

Ayvalik city was developed between the XVI – XVIII, becoming a small shrine of the Greeks, who left the city after the fall of the Ottoman Empire and after this  Ayvalik  was occupied by the Turks.

What to visit in Cunda:

In Cunda there are many monasteries and churches, seaside restaurants, old houses and lots of  stone holiday houses. In the north of the Island you’ll find  Nature Reserve Patrica.
When you arrive in Cunda do not forget to visit the Taksiyarhis monastery and the church Nicola.

Enjoy your medical tourism in Turkey trip by visiting Cunda Island.

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