Medical tourism in Turkey. Istanbul city.

Medical tourism in Turkey. Istanbul city.

Medical Tourism in Turkey

Medical Tourism in Turkey


Medical tourism in Turkey. Istanbul history and location:

Medical tourism in Turkey. Former capital of the Roman Empire (324-395), but also of the Byzantine Empire, Istanbul  is known as Byzantine  from  the  ancient Greek or after the year 330 AD under the name of Constantinople. By visiting  Istanbul during your medical tourism in Turkey  you will relax and you will have a wonderful holiday.

Istanbul is the largest urban concentration of Turkey and the only city in the world  lying on two continents. Istanbul is Turkey’s economic capital and its main commercial and financial center. European part lies in the historical region of Thrace and the Asian part side lies in  Anatolia. Istanbul was inscribed on the UNESCO heritage list in 1985. It has a population of approximately 18.8 million inhabitants (18% of Turkey’s population).
The road link between the European and Asian  parts of the metropolis is done by two large suspended bridges, with 6  circulation lanes: Fatih Sultan Mehmed Bridge  and Bosphorus Bridge .
Marmara Sea who washes  the southern side of the old Costantinopol , it is an internal sea in Turkey (it is solely between Turkish territories).
Dominant religious community in Istanbul is Muslim (which belongs to 99% of the population).
Places to visit in Istanbul :  Hagia Sophia  Cathedral  , Topkapi Palace, many beautiful  mosques, Bosphorus Bridge, Galata bridge, countless ruins, Marmara Sea, Grand Bazaar, Basilica Cistern, Museum of Archeology, Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, Galata Tower, Dolmabahce Palace and more.

Enjoy  medical tourism in Turkey  by visiting istanbul during your holidays.

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