Medical tourism in Turkey.Pamukkale.

Medical tourism in Turkey.Pamukkale.



Medical tourism in Turkey. Pamukkale History and  Location:

Medical tourism in Turkey. Located in Denizli region in Turkey,  Pamukkale is the place where you can admire many natural pools with thermal water. By visiting  Pamukkale during your medical tourism in Turkey  you will relax and you will have a wonderful holiday.

Pamukkale is a huge rock, a  limestone in these thermal waters ,forming ponds, waterfalls and even stalactites. And all of them are pure white.These thermal water comes to the surface and the  calcium carbonate becomes more solid forming so famous white terraces. Once these tanks are full, the water begins to flow out, forming other adjacent smaller basins. When  the thermal water comes out  it is extremely hot  but as thermal waters make their way to the river  they lower their temperature  and this drops to 33 degrees Celsius, so that tourists can bath in the natural pools around 6 months of the year, regardless the temperature outside. Water, limestone and sunlight make this place a paradise, and the sunrise or the sunset are especially beautiful.
This place is awesome, Pamukkale is full of history, ancient kings have  gone around this place, and the waters have curative properties. They are especially  as indicated s for heart disease.

Enjoy  medical tourism in Turkey  by visiting Pamukkale during your holidays.

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