Medical tourism in Turkey. Visit Mount Nemrut.

Medical tourism in Turkey. Visit Mount Nemrut.

Nemrut Mountain

Nemrut Mountain

Medical tourism in Turkey. The Mount Nemrut – history and legend:

Medical tourism in Turkey. The megalithic city lies at an altitude of over 2000 meters on one of the plates in Anti Taurus Mountains, Turkey. By visiting Mount Nemrut  during your medical tourism in Turkey  you will relax and you will have a wonderful holiday.

Following excavations, archaeologists have not reached a clear conclusion, but assign the buildings and statues discovered  to commagenilor civilization. They have had as king Antiochus I, who declared independence of this small kingdom for unknown reasons in 80 BC.
Even if it was a nation with few inhabitants who lived on a piece of land located at the confluence of two huge civilizations, Greek on west, and  Persian on east, commagenii left an incredible cultural heritage. The Complex is covered with white pebbles and comprises a conical pyramid, two temples and statues carved in stone.The tombs in tumulus form, located on the edges of the Complex were looted in antiquity by the Roman legions who beheaded and colossal statues of 8-10 meters.
King Antiochus I inoculated to his people the idea of ​​immortality. Thus, each individual who lived on the holy mountain was considered equal to any god. This idea has been depicted on the stone sculptures remaining legacy over the years.

Enjoy  medical tourism in Turkey  by visiting Mount Nemrut during your holidays.

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