Medical tourism in Turkey.

Medical tourism in Turkey.



Why medical tourism in Turkey is a good option for medical travelers?

In recent years, medical tourism in Turkey has rapidly grown and now it is competing with well-known medical tourism destinations.  Because of its central location, Turkey provides easy access to medical travelers from Europe, Asia, Middle East, and now Turkey offers excellent medical tourism solutions to the growing concerns regarding healthcare services in the US, The UK, Canada , because many of Turkey’s medical facilities are JCI accredited and also are equipped with up- to- date technology. Doctors and medical staff are mainly board certified in the US being trained in the best medical schools and offering experience and knowledge in new techniques and technologies.

Which are the best places in Turkey to go for a medical treatment?

Medical tourism in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, many good surgeons offer medical services much cheaper than in other medical tourism countries. For example hair transplantation cost in Turkey is about 1/3 of that in Europe, many surgeons using now painless , non- surgical and seamless FUE method and the surgery can be carried out more quickly.

Medical tourism in Turkey has a great potential, some clinics in Turkey offering periodically important discounts. Many of dentists who work in dental clinics in Istanbul have obtained their medical degrees at important institutions abroad and they are also experienced in dealing with international medical tourists. Because they speak very well English , the language is not a barrier.

Also, an important number of clinics are situated in Antalya region  and they have high standards of hygiene and state-of-art equipment, the dentists having medical education and experience comparable with the European health standards.

The international hospitals in Turkey offer a wide range of medical treatments and surgeries like: cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery, gynecology, pediatrics, orthopedics , internal medicine, cancer care , urology, ophthalmology , plastic surgery . Doctors in Turkey ‘s hospitals speak English and the emergency services are available round the clock.

What are the popular treatments done in Turkey?

Popular dental treatments chosen by medical travelers in Turkey are: dental implants, veneers, bleaching, teeth bonding, gum contouring. Before, during or after dental treatment patients can visit attractive places in Turkey or they can enjoy famous shopping centers.  The dental clinics in Istanbul are placed in nice buildings and they have air-conditioning and spacious rooms. All these contribute to medical tourism in Turkey to be considered one of high quality.

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