Medical tourism . Medical travel in Romania . Calnic fortress.

Medical tourism . Medical travel in Romania . Calnic fortress.

Medical tourism in Romania.

Medical tourism in Romania.

Medical tourism in Romania, Calnic fortress location:

Medical tourism in Romania. Calnic is a commune in Alba County , Romania, and it is known for its castle , which is on UNESCO ‘s list of Wold Heritage Sites. By visiting Calnic fortress  during your medical tourism in Romania  you will relax and you will have a wonderful holiday.

Calnic fortress history:

The name of the settlement comes from the slave “kal”or “kalnik”=clay. The Saxon name of the locality is Kelling   and is coming from the early masters , the nobles Kelling. One of them , Chyl de Kelling built in the middle of the 13-th century the dungeon of Calnic and used it as housing. At Calnic was found prehistoric material and vague medieval traces from the 11-12-th centuries , but the medieval settlement itself dates from the 12-13-th centuries. The last descendent of the noble family sold the fortress to the Saxon peasant community of Calnic.The fortress was restored between 1962-1964 by the Romanian board for Historical Monuments and today has been transformed into an international scientific and cultural center.

Enjoy  medical tourism in  Romania  by visiting Calnic fortress  during your holidays.

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