Medical tourism

Medical tourism

INTERMEDLINE is a Romanian based medical tourism company with offices in Romania, India, Israel, Turkey, Germany which was created to fill a very important void in the international health care system and to bring access to affordable and timely health care for all people around the World.

Our main goal is to provide a safe , affordable and timely option to healthcare for companies and individuals who need high standards of medical healthcare to an optimal price into a beautiful and safe country. In this respect , our mission is simple. We want to help you to safely and successfully receive your medical procedure(s) at a world-class healthcare facility for a fraction of the cost in your country. For this , INTERMEDLINE puts information about the best medical and travel deals at your fingertips in a transparent manner and makes it possible for you to choose fast the one most suitable for you. We speak here of ultra modern facilities and high class medical staff whether it’s dental tourism , aesthetic surgery tourism , spa tourism,  or a specific medical procedure. We have visited and inspected all the private clinics and health centers to ensure that the facilities and medical staff meet our customers standards and expectations for medical care.

We establish a kind and gentle rapport with our clients and we do this by acting as a friend and a partner to our customers to deliver quality services to the highest standards. Once you had entered in our network you will have much more medical and travel information and wonderful bonuses that you will enjoy during your medical trip in Romania, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom,  India, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore,  Israel, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Dominican Republic,  Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa.

Take however long you need to explore our medical and travel offers and you will see that your medical bills, airfare, accommodation and trips could end up costing less than whatever deductibles and charges you would have to pay in your home country. We want our customers to take full advantage of our medical and travel options.

At INTERMEDLINE we are committed to make your journey comfortable , your medical treatment at ease and your trip a memorable good one.

It is simple: we, as medical tourism facilitator company, offer you:

–  safe, affordable and timely option to health care services abroad

–  affordable medical tourism price

–  high standards of medical healthcare

–  successful medical treatment abroad

–  world-class healthcare facilities

–  affordable cosmetic surgery tourism

–  low cost dental tourism

–  reasonable cost of medical treatment

–  great medical and travel offers

–  best medical tourism deals at your fingertips in a transparent manner

–  beautiful and safe countries

–  wonderful sightseeing and amazing places to visit during your medical holidays

We establish a gentle  rapport with our clients ,by offering medical tourism plans and programs and quality medical travel services to the highest standards, adapted to their needs. Once you had entered in our network, you will have much more information and wonderful medical tourism bonuses that you will take advantage during your medical vacation programs abroad.

Our motto is: ” INTERMEDLINE – The Line who brings you health and beauty “


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