Medical travel . Medical tourism in Romania . Cantacuzino castle.

Medical travel . Medical tourism in Romania . Cantacuzino castle.

Medical travel in Romania.

Medical travel in Romania.

Medical tourism in Romania, Cantacuzino castle location:

 Medical tourism in Romania. Cantacuzino Castle is situated in Busteni resort , on Prahova Valley, Romania. By visiting Cantacuzino Castle  during your medical tourism in Romania  you will relax and you will have a wonderful holiday.

Cantacuzino castle history:

The building , whose construction works were completed in 1911 , was conducted by the architect Gregory Cerchez at the request of Prince George Grigore Cantacuzino. The castle belonged to the family Cantacuzino until nationalization of 1948 , then became a sanatorium for Ministry of Internal Affair  and now it is a museum.

Cantacuzino castle architecture:

Cantacuzino castle is made in Romanian – style with Brancoveanu style influences and is placed in the middle of a huge park , with paths leading toward small caves , waterfalls and fountains.

Enjoy  medical tourism in  Romania  by visiting Cantacuzino castle during your holidays.

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