Medical travel. Medical tourism in Romania. Peles Castle.

Medical travel. Medical tourism in Romania. Peles Castle.

Medical tourism in Romania

Medical tourism in Romania

Medical tourism in Romania, Peles castle location:

Medical tourism in Romania. Peles castle is located in the Carpathian mountains , on Prahova Valley , in Sinaia, Romania – a small and beautiful mountain resort well known for winter sports. By visiting Peles castle during your medical tourism in Romania  you will relax and you will have a wonderful holiday.

Peles castle history:

The castle was built by King  Carol I of Romania on 1873. When the King visited this gorgeous area in the mountains was very impressed by the magnificent mountain scenery and decided to built here one of his residences. After he rejected many construction plans because of lack of originality, he was excited about the originality of the construction plan created by German architect Johannes Schultz , who won the project. A grand palatial villa combining different features of classic european styles , mostly following Italian elegance and German aesthetics along Renaissance lines. Latter additions were made between 1893 and 1914 by Czech architect Karel Liman , who designed the towers.

Throughout its history , Peles castle hosted some important personalities , from royalty and politician to artists.

Peles castle architecture:

Its architectural style is a romantically inspired blend Neo- Renaissance and Gothic revival. It has 3,200 square meters, 170 rooms  and one of the finest collections of art in Europe.

It is also known as one of the most modern residences in the late nineteenth century , with electricity, private elevator and central heating.

Around Peles Castle were built additional  beautiful buildings such Pelisor castle (the residence of Ferdinand and Maria) or  The Tower (originally the hunting lodge of King Carol).


Peles Castle represents, both by its historical  value and through the arts, one of the most important monuments in Romania, but also in Europe.

Enjoy  medical tourism in  Romania  by visiting  Peles castle during your holidays.

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